Laserlyte Fits Glock Handgun Rear Sight Laser Sight

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Specifications for Laser-Lyte Rear Sight Laser for Glock Handguns:

Weapon Type: Glock handguns
Power Output: Class IIIA, 5mw
Laser Module: 650nm
Batteries: 4x 377
Battery Life: 5 hours constant on; 10 hours pulse mode
Weight: 1.2 oz
Dimensions: 0.85" x 1.05" x 0.35"
Range at Night: 500 yards

Features of LaserLyte 650nm Fits Glock Rear Sight Laser:

  • Powerful and accurate laser sight by LaserLyte
  • Compatible with all Fits Glock pistols
  • No need to replace gun grip, internal parts, or holster
  • Ambidextrous "press and go" activation mechanism
  • Programmable to function in constant on or pulse mode
  • Lasts for five hours on constant on mode, or up to ten hours in pulse mode
  • Auto-off function flashes after 5 minutes and shuts off after 6
  • Black chrome finish for corrosion protection
  • Compatible with all Level 1 and Level 2 holsters

1-Laserlyte Fits Glock Handgun Rear Sight Laser Sight

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