[Review] LaserMax CenterFire Green Laser Sight for Ruger LC9, LC9S, and LC380 Pros

Ideal for concealed carry, the LaserMax CenterFire Green Pistol Laser Sight is ruggedized to survive daily use. The tough reinforced nylon mirrors the color and texture of the Ruger LC9, LC9S, and LC380, while the sculpted curves of these Green Laser Sights by LaserMax guarantees a snag-free draw. The LaserMax CenterFire Laser Green Sight for Ruger LC9, LC9S, and LC380 will allow you to harness the power of rapid engagement with the ambidextrous activation switch, while the automatic timeout feature preserves the battery power. With the green laser projecting a bright aiming point, this LaserMax CenterFire Easy Mount Pistol Laser Sight is an essential tool for fast target acquisition during training, home defense, and backup use. Improve your hit ratios by installing the LaserMax CenterFire Pistol Laser Green Sight on your favorite Ruger pistol.

96.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for LaserMax CenterFire Laser Green Easy Mount Sight:

Weight: 0.5 oz
Wavelength: 650 nm
Power Output:
Battery Life: 4+ hours
Battery Type: 1/3 N Lithium
Warranty: 5 years
Compatible Firearms: LC9, LC9S, LC380

Features of LaxerMax CenterFire Green Laser Sight for Ruger LC9, LC9S, and LC380:

  • Ambidextrous Safe Activation switch
  • Automatic timeout feature
  • Easily programmable for steady or high-vis pulsed beam
  • Constructed of tough reinforced nylon
  • Mounts without changing parts or altering weapon
  • Mounts under the bore for highest accuracy
  • Fully adjustable for windage and elevation

1-LaserMax CenterFire Green Laser Sight for Ruger LC9, LC9S, and LC380
2-LaserMax CenterFire Green Laser Sight for Ruger LC9, LC9S, and LC380
3-LaserMax CenterFire Green Laser Sight for Ruger LC9, LC9S, and LC380
4-LaserMax CenterFire Green Laser Sight for Ruger LC9, LC9S, and LC380

  • PROS
  • Ease of installation/adjustment
  • great visabilaty
  • Priced well.
  • Green laser
  • easy to adjust
  • Easy to install, set up, and use
  • Easy to install
  • Looks great on pistol
  • Daylight Visibility
  • Fits well. Easy installation
  • Priced just right
  • CONS
  • has to be opened to replace battery
  • No Pulsating Mode

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Norberto - Add Reply

I've had Crimson Trace units on my LC9, but I prefer the LaserMax because I can practice shooting without drawing down the battery. Secondly, the green laser really is more visible. The dot is bright and crisp without shadows or ghost images.

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Clark - Add Reply

First of all, this is my very first laser although I've shot them on other's pistols (all red). Installation on my Ruger LC9s was simple, just be certain to use the proper sized Philips screwdriver as they are small. The first two magazines shot were 6 inches left at 10 yards. A 1/4 turn towards the first group brought it past center and now to the right about the same distance. I split the first turn in half back the other way and it was grouping well in the center. The elevation was good. I did check the screws for tightness again. I'm looking forward to an extended shoot soon. Please note the range of adjustment is not that much, the instructions say 1/2 of a complete turn is all that it is designed to use, so 1/4 turn either way (90 degrees) is the maximum. Think small adjustments and you'll be OK. Turn towards the center of your last group. The only design flaw in my opinion is that in order to change the battery you must disassemble and reinstall the laser. I would guess they're all like that but it seems like an unnecessary step. Hopefully it can and will retain it's zero in that process. As for the "green" laser versus "red" lasers, go with the green. Easier to find in broad daylight.

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Reilly - Add Reply

Pros: Green works for me with regard to visibility. Small, clearly defined spot, actually is visible on many daylight items if not in direct sunlight,(pleasant surprise) mounts in minutes with slight glitch, easy to adjust. Mine is dead on at about twenty feet after tweaking, has not moved after about thirty rounds. Cons: Ugly, reduces grip length by only about 1/8th of an inch but it is enough to get my pinky hanging off the edge, lacks auto shut off, drilled out improperly to accept screws.(When joining two pieces the first piece should be drilled to clear the threads, the second piece should be drilled so as to engage the threads. They used one drill so that both pieces engage the threads. Attsa no no. One must either drill out the first piece to clear the threads OR clamp the pieces together VERY FIRMLY or they will not snug up. Did I mention ugly? Would I purchase it again knowing what I know now? Yes.

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Brandt - Add Reply

This is by far the best laser sight I have ever purchased, The ease of installation and over quality were very impressive, It took less than 5 minutes to install and when I took it out shooting to get it sighted in it was already right on the money at 30 feet I put 18 rounds down range and my grouping was less than a half an inch, I could not be more pleased and would highly reccomend this sight to everyone. I will be purching another with the red sight for my wifes LC9 however I like the green better for it gives you better visibility in daylight situations. optics planet is awesome not only on there pricing and fast shipping, there customer service is top notch..... They have the best selection of optics and other products that I have ever seen for the best prices I will be a customer for life...

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Cleveland - Add Reply

Looked at both the Lasermax and the Crimson Trace laser sights for my LC9 I purchased the Laxermax because it had a green laser The fit was perfect and easy to install Green Laser easy to see. In bright sunlight still visible at 50 feet. Worth the money

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Rowan - Add Reply

Easy to sight in, holds zero even with +P loads. On/Off switch is easy enough to manipulate. Fast shipping. Optics Planet is always a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend Optics Planet and this Lasermax green laser.

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Triston - Add Reply

Installation was very easy on my Ruger LC9S. The on-off switch can be activated from either side of the pistol. I have not yet had to adjust the aim point however adjustment looks straightforward. No problems with getting the pistol out of my holster smoothly. I highly recommend this product.

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Sammie - Add Reply

I bought this along with a new lcp9 pro. It was easy to fit to the pistol. I was sighted in within minutes with light just above the front site at 10 yards. Havent had the chance to get to the range yet. As of right now the only thing that might be an issue is the on off switch. It feels kind of flimsy, but again this will show more when range firing.

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Camden - Add Reply

Fits well to my LC9s-PRO. I can see the green dot in the day light. I have and like the other brand of laser too but I like the on off option of this LaserMax and the laser hasn't accidently turned on, on me because my Ruger always lives in its holster. Stays on target so far, but I have only thrown a 50rd box down range since installing her. I would recommend this to a friend.

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Elliott - Add Reply

This works well and it is easy to install & remove. It was purchased for my senior citizen father and he likes the ease of getting on target. The laser is difficult to see in bright sunlight, but it shows up well in other conditions.

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Adrien - Add Reply

I tried the laser for the first time last weekend at the target range.Its easy to adjust but didn't get it dialed in quite right before running out of ammo.Now that I know how next time should be easy.

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Emery - Add Reply

Seems to be a dependable Laser. However the on/off press switch is loose and easy to turn on when not in use, the slightest jar can turn it off or on. I am trying to figure how to fix this, as laser is very bright & effective.

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Hoyt - Add Reply

Really a nice laser much easier to see during the day than my other red one the fit on my lc9 is really good I would recommend to anyone it isn't quite as convenient to turn on as a grip activated laser but the money you save makes it well worth it. Ordering and shipping was easy and quick.

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Ricky - Add Reply

I ordered this green laser for my Ruger LC9 because the red lasers on my other pistols were getting harder for \me to see due to my age. The unit is easy to install and works great. Visability is much better.

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Adam - Add Reply

Bought this laser for my wife's Ruger LC380. She has problems using the sights. Fits great and can even be seen in daylight. No more red lasers for me. On off switch takes getting used to but after some practice she likes the approach.

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Gonzalo - Add Reply

Bought as a Christmas gift. Delivered fast. Read reviews and LaserMax was good alternative to higher priced competitor. Would recommend OpticsPlanet and laserMax to those looking for good customer service and fast delivery at a decent price.

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Faustino - Add Reply

Installs easy and works good. I adjusted the laser spot first with the fixed sights and then with a laser boresite with a red laser. It should be right on when I go to the range. I like the on-off switch much better than the laser on my LCP that is automatic when gripping the pistol.

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Amparo - Add Reply

I purchased the laser before I had the gun due to the sale opticsplanet was running. Timely delivery! Laser was easy to install and sight in. Sighted in at the range, ran through 100+ rounds and laser is still on target. Exceeds my expectations! Timely delivery! Laser was easy

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Shayne - Add Reply

Easy to install. Looks like integral part of my Ruger LC9s Pro - very nice. Best use for closeup events. A little awkward to activate - found that using my middle finger works best rather than forefinger. Gets better with practice.

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Justyn - Add Reply

Shipping was great and so was the customer service. Product was as described to the tee. It worked perfect out of the box. It fit my ruger lc9s snugly as was supoose to. Easy to install and use. Stayed on target after 50 rounds with no problem. After another 50 rounds still snug and on target. Great buy for the money. But you do need to purchase extra batteries as it does like its juice. Overall great add to my gun.

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Loyal - Add Reply

Upon making a purchase for the Green LaserMax CenterFore Laser for the Ruger LC9s, I noted that this item will also fit my Ruger LC 380...It took less than 5 minutes to install..Lined up the laser before going to the range..fired several rounds and checked alignment..had to make a few minor adjustments and then tested again..perfect..It's not that I can't see Red lasers, It's just the Green shows better for me at night..Laser sights help to align with a target faster at night...I will be looking to purchase another laser in the near future..

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Jordy - Add Reply

The LaserMax LC9/LC380 was just what I was looking for when it came for a laser for this little pistol. I wanted the well fitting laser and I got that with the LaserMax, It just pots on with two screws holding the unit together, the battery is also easy to change. The next item I wanted was a on and off switch which the LaserMax comes with so I do not waste battery life, so another perfect point for LaserMax And lastly the Green laser is much better than the red laser. So I'm very happy with the LaserMax380 on my new Ruger.

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Baylee - Add Reply

Great laser...much easier to pick up in daylight than the red lasers. It was fast & easy to mount and fits the Ruger LC9 perfectly. Looks great on pistol, like a factory job! There is an activation button on both sides, so it's good for righties or lefties. My only wish would be it had a pulsating mode option.

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Rex - Add Reply

Perfect fit to my LC9s Pro. Very good green laser in all lighting conditions. Well designed and easy access controls. Installation was very easy. Highly recommended. OpaticsPlanet.com shipping was spot on and arrived in a timely manner.

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Easton - Add Reply

This laser fits and works perfectly. My eyesight is not as it used to be and I now rely on a laser sight to get me on target quickly and accurately. The ambidextrous on off button is easy to activate / deactivate and I have never had it turn on unknowingly while carrying it in my back or front pants pocket. Sight adjustments are made easily and it has not moved since initially setting it up. I am completely satisfied with this purchase and will acquire more as needed.

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Gabriel - Add Reply

The green laser by LaserMax is solid and holds zero very well. Easy installation and does not add much weight at all. The only criticism I would note is that the button to activate the laser could be nicer. It is easy to turn on and off and is ambidexterous (meaning, you can actuate by pushing with right index finger, or the opposite side). But at $85+ and a $30 rebate, how much can you expect? It suits my needs perfectly as I would not want to spend $200 on a laser for a $300 pistol.

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Hayley - Add Reply

Exactly as described and came super quick. Good price. Easily and quickly attached to the Ruger LC9. Looks like it's original to the Ruger. Very bright green laser. Adjusted easily to sighting in. I gave it 4 stars at this point. I'd give it 5 stars if I'd already been to the range, zeroed it in and found it stable.

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Caleb - Add Reply

Quick delivery,easy to install,looks great on gun. Shot 9 rounds to zero in have put 91 more through has held its accuracy. Love the green laser. Will look to Optics Planet for other future purchases they had the best price on the green lasermax

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Lourdes - Add Reply

I was very pleased with the LaserMax site. First, the mounting was very slick; after mounting the site looked like it was part of the gun when it was manufactured at the factory. Next, I liked the ability to turn the site on with either the right or left trigger finger. Sighting in the laser was very easy; it was very close out of the box but the slight tweaks to the elevation or windage were easy and very accurate. I would recommend this site to anyone.

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Murl - Add Reply

I struggled a little to get it mounted. it is very snug. checked bore alignment and rechecked after a week carrying in holster, still dead on. Does not work good in the cold. but can be warmed up by sticking in pocket.Warms up quickly. Would definitely buy green instead of red.

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Major - Add Reply

Even in bright sunlight I can see the beam at 20 yards. of-course much long distance in the dark. Easy to adjust. I highly recommend this sight for a old style Ruger LC9. After firing 2,000 rounds it keep its point of impact. The cost of Batteries for it is around 6 dollars. As instructions said I set my point of impact just a bit higher than front sight. Which seems to do the trick.

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