[Review] Lancer Replacement Handguard for Sig 516 Pros

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Get a better grip on your rifle while enhancing its performance in the field with this Lancer Replacement Handguard for Sig 516. These AR Handguards & Forends designed by Lancer Systems feature cooling slots that ensure your firearm doesn't overheat. For advanced customization of your weapon, the Lancer Free Float Handguard for Sig 516 is crafted with M-LOK compatible slots for the attachment of lights, lasers and other accessories. Plus, the Picatinny sight rail up top is the perfect platform to host scopes and other optics that will increase your precision when putting shots on target. Grab a Lancer Sig516 Octagon Handguard to improve your shooting experience while expanding your customization options.

91.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Lancer Replacement Handguard for Sig 516:

  • ID/OD of 1.7in/2.0in
  • Free float design with an aluminum Picatinny sight rail at 12 0'clock and an octagon composite tube.
  • M-Lok compatible slots allow for accessories.

1-Lancer Replacement Handguard for Sig 516
2-Lancer Replacement Handguard for Sig 516

  • PROS
  • works flawlessly
  • Perfect Fit
  • Light and tight
  • Light weight, longer than sigs rail
  • Reduced weight and smoother on hands.
  • feels better in the hand than OEM
  • CONS
  • Must remove Gard to get at piston
  • Need new accessories that are mlok
  • Still a little costly
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Jack - Add Reply

As many have stated for fit and functionality, this is 5 stars. Not to mention the options for an aftermarket handrail is extremely limited. The biggest short fall is that to clean the piston you have to take the hand guard off. This doesn’t require too many screws but enough that it is very annoying. Now this becomes even more time consuming if you have a vertical grip or anything else hanging off hand guard, such as a flashlight. Lancer makes pic rail attachments.. which most people want. These attachment have to be taken off ever time to remove the hand guard.... because remember you have to clean the gun. So, 6 screws to remove the hand guard, 2-3 screws per hand guard attachment and you have to line these up.. the attachment rail mount just kind of hangs there and you must perfectly line up the holes.. it took me 45 minutes to get it all back together the other night. Again, i absolutely love the attachment, blocks the hand from getting burnt on the gas block, really durable and looks sharp, but man they failed on somehow designing this for cleaning the weapon.

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Declan - Add Reply

High quality product. Much improvement in comfort and appearance over Sig factory quad rail. The longer 13.1" model I chose helps to integrate the gas piston block into the overall appearance of the rifle.

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Jamison - Add Reply

Fits perfect on my Sig 516, 10.5 inch barrel. Well built, looks like it will last forever. Worth the money. If you have Sig 516 this is a must have. If you are like me and have small hands you will especially be pleases with this product.

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Colin - Add Reply

As the AR platform continues to develop, many of us are getting used to MLOK or Keymod rail systems that don’t require you to run rail covers or have the bulk associated with 1913 rails on all four sides PLUS rail covers. Lancer did a solid job developing this rail for the 516 upper. I bought the 13” model. What I like: -Light weight -MLOK -Very easy to install My sole dislike is that you must remove the forend (6 small screws to do this) in order to pull the piston out for maintenance/cleaning. I am only taking away one star because cleaning doesn’t have to be performed every time you shoot with the 516 upper’s piston system.

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Joesph - Add Reply

This handguard went on easily and really enhanced the aesthetic of the already cool sig 516. Plus the lenght allows for more flexible mounting options and a much better grip when shooting. The carbon fiber is a cool look! Pricey, but Highly recommend!

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Immanuel - Add Reply

The only rail to work on the sig 516... Wish one could remove the gas Piston without removing the rail....but nice fit and finish a++++stiff and supportive great product and a must for the sig 516..the weave is seamless and tight will watch the cap ring which has adhesive holding ring holds up .

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Jon - Add Reply

I've had my Gen 2 Sig 516 since 2015, always liked it but it seemed outdated looks wise when I look at Noveskes and others that have longer sleeker fore ends. I've known about this fore end for some time and finally pulled the trigger when I saw the price on Optics planet, the product was delivered quickly with all hardware needed, simply follow the instructions and within 20 minutes my Sig is now what I wanted it to look like, it's solid and sturdy, I also added a MFT minimalist stock, seekins precision muzzle brake and radian arms raptor the same day I installed the fore end, it totally changed the look of my sig and I love it

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Tod - Add Reply

This hand guard lightens up the front of the gun tremendously and allows for a more proper C grip. It is a bit on the expensive side but I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like the clunky, heavy, stock 516 hand guard. Instal was easy and took a few minutes. It comes with all the hardware needed and tools.

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Zachariah - Add Reply

The item showed up in a timely manner well packaged. The instructions made the installation go without any issues. With the handguard installed the feel is great on the hands and looks awesome. Much better than the quad rails that where on the firearm before. I also have much more of a choice as to where I what to place accessory items. Very happy.

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Jamaal - Add Reply

Took some weight off my 516 with this mlok handguard. I can now get out on the gun farther so target to target shooting is more natural. Install was simple and quick. If you buy this handguard just make sure you have mlok rail sections or mlok accessories.

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Marcellus - Add Reply

Easy to install in about 15 minutes. On and off very easy to take on and off for cleaning. I can shoot hundreds of rounds throug my gun and this guard never gets hot. It also helps to extend the guard instead of using the shorter/heavier 516 guard. For not having any other choices on the market, this one is a winner

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Monserrat - Add Reply

This rail is much lighter and thinner than the quad rail that comes factory. Its nice and light but seemingly super strong . Easy to install and looks great. Recommend getting some rail covers to help with heat if you’re shooting rapid fire.Essential addition to the 516 platform

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Howard - Add Reply

I have always had an issue with the short stock handguard that Sig sends from the factory. I always felt cramped when shooting this gun. This handguard solves that problem. Before it was very easy to burn myself on the piston block. Now I can get a more comfortable grip on the gun with my hand further forward and I don't burn myself. The gun balances out so much better. I wish I had bought this earlier. If you own a Sig 516 this is a "must have" upgrade.

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Clinton - Add Reply

This is "almost" perfect. The weight difference is not significant. Protects from grabbing the hot gas block. I would like a piece of rail all the way forward - to get a bit more separation between the front of my scope and my top-mounted (no awkward shadows on the up-swing) light.

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Evans - Add Reply

Replaced the original handguard that came on my Sig 516 Patrol with the Lancer composite. Reduced the weight of the rifle in addition to replacing the original that was rough on the hands. Have also replaced the original Sig handguard on my 716 Patrol. Quality product.

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Rodrick - Add Reply

This really balances the 516 out nicely. I have longer arms and one of the shortfalls of the 516 for me has been the stubby hand guard. I wish I had bought it a long time ago. Looks and fits great.

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Dennis - Add Reply

the quality of the Lancer carbon fiber hand guard for the Sig 516 is top notch and so it the price. it was easy to install. i think it was worth the money. It actually fits in your hand and you feel like you can get a better grip than the bulky OEM guard. it helps make the gun feel a little more balanced.(could just be me). fast shipping as always.

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Wilfred - Add Reply

Very nice change from the short cheese grater stock handguard. Fits nice, feels nice, and looks nice. Now able to get my hand further out past the gas block. Considering this is a carbon fiber guard for a very specific rifle and doesn't fit all AR15s I think the price was reasonable.

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Deondre - Add Reply

The Sig 516 Gen 1 is getting pretty dated with a heavy short proprietary quad rail. I’ve been wanting this Lancer carbon fiber rail for some time, but it was expensive and hadn’t migrated to Mlok. Finally it got Mlok and the price came down (with the help of Optics Planet coupons). It’s still relatively expensive compared to other rails, but that’s the cost of having a piston system. It’s easy to install, very light, and attractive. Get rail guards for it as I think it will scratch easy. This is really easy

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