[Review] Blade-Tech Revolution Holster Pros

Our Revolution Holsters are the perfect way to securely carry your favorite firearm on a daily basis. Whether you are at the range, in the field or taking a leisure stroll in the neighborhood you can CARRY CONFIDENT knowing you have the one of finest field proven carry systems in existence. The Revolution Series Holsters are modular and were engineered to offer a lifetime of performance. They are Injection molded out of our own proprietary super tough polymers making them highly impact resistant and stable in extreme temperatures (from over 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 30 below zero) while still retaining the same look, fit, feel and performance of our popular custom made carry gear. Each Revolution Holster is IDPA approved and comes pre-assembled with the "3 position Paddle" set in the Straight Drop configuration. It also includes a "3 Position" ASR™ belt attachment so the user can convert the mode of carry from paddle to belt if so desired. Both the Paddle and ASR™ belt loop are adjustable and can be positioned for either Straight Drop, FBI Cant or Muzzle-Forward carry, they can also be adjusted to fit belts from 1.25" to 2.25". They offer Level 1 retention but are fully adjustable so the user can set tension level to suit his preferences. Whether you are a seasoned pro or novice shooter, our field proven Revolution gear will not let you down no matter how harsh the environment..

89.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Blade-Tech Revolution Holster:

Hand: Right
Holster Type: Paddle
Attachment/ Mount Type: Adjustable Sting Ray Loop

1-Blade-Tech Revolution Holster

  • PROS
  • Adjustable Retention
  • speed of draw
  • CONS

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Lawrence - Add Reply

After adding the Trijicon RMR Red Dot sight to my Glock 19 Gen1, I wanted something that will fit my updated firearm. I looked high and low for a holster that will accept the new configuration especially the open slide area. This Holster fit perfectly for what I was looking for. It is nice that the bolt adjustments will let you add or reduce pressure for more positive grip on the pistol as needed.

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Leo - Add Reply

Absolutely love this holster. Fits great, comes out of holster so much better than the one that came with the gun. I wish I could get this for my CZ75B/SA but they don't make the Revolution for it. I'll have to go with the Blade-Tech OWB for that.

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Armando - Add Reply

Very awesome holster, easy to use. I like the fact that the retention is adjustable. I use this for 3-Gun and it runs flawless. I would highly recommend this. Great product. You can use the paddle or the ELS system, both work AWESOME.

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Coleman - Add Reply

This is a custom made outside the waistband or paddle black polymer holster for the right handed shooter custom made for the Smith and Wesson M&P in the configuration I got it in. I think I paid like a quarter of retail, maybe less. Great stuff. Unbelievable discount. Thanks.

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Obie - Add Reply

I ordered this holster mainly to shoot IDPA with. The holster I was using rode to close to my body and I was looking for something that I could get a better grip on the pistol and draw quicker. I am really happy with it and would buy another.

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Jordy - Add Reply

Not a bad holster, it seems floppy with a lot movement on the waist as a pancake holster compared to a blackhawk serpa. Retention once adjusted is nice best worn on the belt and fits snugly. Good price also.

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Kadin - Add Reply

Very good holster. Can't be beat at this price point. The large paddle is very stable if that's your thing, and the ASR belt loops, which I use, are very secure. This is a fast holster and an excellent value.

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Hipolito - Add Reply

I'll let you know after I have tried it for a good while. Would suggest, for holsters, at least 60 days and preferably longer. Not sure why you do this sort of thing so soon after purchase. I am trying very hard to get 200 characters on here.

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Jaron - Add Reply

Weaome snug fit. Actually came a little more snug than I’d prefer simply loosened the tension screw. Just what I was looking for. Mates it with HSGI RTI Mount perfectly for easy weapon changes in my belt at range.

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Narciso - Add Reply

as good as other bladetechs, chamged to a 1.5 inch solid belt attachment from rather than tek lok, blade trch drop a d offsets are difficult to make meet uspsa rules, so just try the 1.5 belt attachment from bladetech Blade-Tech Stingray Belt Loop (SRB) 1.5" Polymer Black Product #: 967730 Blade-Tech #: ACCX0072AA0032AM UPC #: 845879018738

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Carson - Add Reply

Got this holster mainly for woods carrying in the warmer times of the year. The fit and finish is excellent and it holds the gun securely, keeping it from flopping around like with regular leather or nylon holsters. It keeps the gun slightly away from your clothes so your gun doesn't get wet from sweat. Will probably get one for another gun.

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