[Review] Crimson Trace Lasergrips for Beretta 92/96 Pros

Crimson Lasergrips for Beretta 92/96. Lasergrips revolutionize handgun sighting technology. Simply removing the existing grips and replacing them with Lasergrips adds a tactical edge that no other gun accessory can equal. Crimson Lasergrips for both the Beretta 92 and 96 Series including the Centurion are manufactured to the same high performance standards that all Crimson Trace products are known for. The laser is located high on the grip panel, in close proximity to the barrel centerline, yet shielded from the abuses ofheavy recoil and muzzle blast. Sensory activation allows complete, effortless control of the laser's on/off mode.

Models to choose from:

  • LG302 - Wrap around, overmold rubber grip for comfort and recoil control, OVERMOLD

91 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Crimson Lasergrips for Beretta 92/96:

  • Straightforward design similar to factory panels
  • Smooth polymer design for easy, snag-free draw
  • Instinctively activated by left or right handed shooters
  • Fully adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Master on/off switch for complete system over-ride

1-Crimson Trace Lasergrips for Beretta 92/96
2-Crimson Trace Lasergrips for Beretta 92/96
3-Crimson Trace Lasergrips for Beretta 92/96
4-Crimson Trace Lasergrips for Beretta 92/96

  • PROS
  • Easy to install
  • Shooting very close to on target
  • Ease of use and operation
  • Ease of installation/adjustment
  • CONS
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Josiah - Add Reply

Great product! Bought for my Beretta 92 FS. Very easy to install and work with. It needs a little effort to zero in. Laser is very helpful at 25 yard and farther, and with rapid fire. Also, very helpful tool when you work on your shooting technique, the dot on a target allows you to see any faulty movements while shooting with the iron sight. The best upgrade for a handgun. Totally worth the price. Pros: Everything except cons Cons: Tiny adjustment screws

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Amos - Add Reply

its is comfortable, gripy, bright, easy to use, set up and adjust,.. but with butons on both sides i can acidentaly hit the right buton with my palm when i and griping the weapon tight. i wish i could disable the button on one side or the other.. maby i can but i never read the instructions. !! can you?!?!

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Antwan - Add Reply

I have Crimson Trace Laser Grips on all of my semi-auto pistols and wouldn't be without them. That being said, they are a bit overpriced. Pros: They do what they're supposed to do. Cons: Kinda pricey.

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Judah - Add Reply

Love these grips by crimson trace as I already own I bunch of them for all my other pistols. This one has an on of switch like pretty much most of them except for the glock ones. Pros: On of Switch Cons: Expensive little gadgets

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Jovan - Add Reply

Have already bought/installed the crimson Trace Lazer on another pistol, I knew what to expect on this barreta application. The crimson Trace assembly seems to offer the most with respect to the critical features-ease of installation and sighting adjustment. It is a bit hard to see in strong daylight but good in all other situations. Not cheap, though! Pros: Sight adjusment, ease of installation Cons: Price

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Geovanny - Add Reply

This is the second CTC product I've purchased from Optics Planet and have received great prices on each. It was simple to install with enclosed instructions and is easy to zero. Another bonus is that CTC gives you free replacement batteries for life if you sign up on their website. Pros: Excellent product, performs as advertised

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Louvenia - Add Reply

excellent ergonomics. beam is very bright. Easy to adjust. I used a bore laser and set the LG to intersect at 50 feet. Usage is completely intuitive. Just remember to set the master switch to on. Pros: excellent ergonomics. beam is very bright. Cons: Batteries a little tricky to keep in battery well when installing.

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Geoffrey - Add Reply

Fantastic. I will most likely buy more for my other pistols. Pros: Realy nice. Easy to install, fits perfect. Cons: none

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Tracey - Add Reply

This makes my 4th set of lasergrips and have nothing but good to say about them. I prefer the side actuated models over the front. It seems easier to tighten my fingertip to turn on the laser than it is to grip and ungrip with that finger as it requires on the front actuated. Just personal preference. I started out with side activated grips over a decade ago on a 1911. I still use that daily. I've learned to focus on the dot and place it where I want to hit without looking at the sights and it works outstandingly! Shooting to the dot works perfectly every time for me. Great assist for aging eyesight. Once, when leaving the range at dusk, I thought I'd see if the laser would paint a dot on the 100 yd berm. Indeed, it did, so I loaded a Magazine and fired a few rounds of 9mm. I was surprised to see they hit very close to the aim spot, at least as well as I could see at dusk. Not recommending that to anyone but it was a neat demonstration of capabilities. The only drawback I have to side activated lasergrips is if left switched on, the laser can be activated and will discharge batteries if laid down flat and stuff packed in on it in a range bag as I once learned. I never chance it. I always turn the grips off when not using or holstered on my person. This isn't a flaw of any sort, rather an inherent characteristic to any electronic firearm accessory; care must be taken to turn off to conserve batteries or accidental activation when not in use. Do this lest they b... Read More...

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Cordell - Add Reply

Put this on my dads older Baretta that does not have a rail on frame for mouting modular lasers. Grips are comfortable and don't interfere with using the holsters he already owns and don't miss up the attrative lines/profile of the beretta in its original form. Lasers are touted for advantages, and also have some liabilities (giving away position). It is easy to control the activation of the side buttons on this one so you don't accidentally light it up at the wrong time. Its great for my dad who is a good shot and knows trigger control, but can no longer clearly see sights at arms length. Pros: Easy to use, easy to install Cons: Has to be reinstalled to change battery

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Cullen - Add Reply


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Emery - Add Reply

I was concerned when I purchased the laser that it would be difficult to install and get off to the range and start shooting. I was happily surprised that installing the grip & laser was very simple and quick. Took to the range and was very close to shooting spot on. Overall happy with the purchase. Also offers yearly replacement batteries.

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Aaron - Add Reply

Very simple to install and work very nicely. Although I have yet to make it to the range and check for accuracy and make any adjustments, the laser does indeed align with my iron sights at fifty feet. Before receiving the grips I was somewhat concerned that the activation button would be in an awkward location on the grip or to stiff to activate effectively. My concerns were immediately displaced once the Lasergrips were installed! This is my first use of a laser sight on any of my guns and my primary reason for going this route is because my aiming eye is corrected for distance, which means the iron sights are very difficult to see when aiming on targets. Problem solved with a laser!

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