[Review] Crimson Trace Rubber Laser Grip LG359 SW3G/FULL Pros

Crimson Trace Rubber Laser Grip LG359 SW3G/FULL is a reliable and dependable addition to the family of products. Combining top-notch and uncompromising quality with an affordable price, the Crimson Trace LG 359 can fulfill your outdoor needs while still offering a great value for the money.We offer complete line of Crimson Trace. For our complete selection of products by on sale please visit our page. For more please visit our Laser Sights store section.

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Package Contents:

  • Crimson Trace LG359 Rubber Laser Grip for SW3G

96.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


1-Crimson Trace Rubber Laser Grip LG359 SW3G/FULL
2-Crimson Trace Rubber Laser Grip LG359 SW3G/FULL
3-Crimson Trace Rubber Laser Grip LG359 SW3G/FULL

  • PROS
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Crawford - Add Reply

This laser grip is my second one, the first being installed on a Beretta 96. Both have proven satisfactory and provide a clear sight picture. Pros: doesn't take much space, convenient Cons: activation button could be slightly larger

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Marley - Add Reply

Although I had some issues right out of the box, I contacted Crimson Trace Customer Service and they acknowledged the problem and immediately sent me a replacement and a return bag to return the defective unit. I purchase all my Crimson Trace products through Optics Planet and have never had an issue that was not immediately resolved to my full satisfaction.

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Elmore - Add Reply

I have an older Smith & Wesson 5904 (guessing it was made around 1987-ish), and this laser grip fits it perfectly. The quality and design seem top-notch initially. I have not had mine for very long yet, so I cannot speak to longevity at this point. The grip feels like a firm rubber, so it has some grippiness but is not squishy at all. I like the feel, but wonder if it might collect more dirt when out hiking around. My other handgun is newer and we bought a Crimson Trace Trigger Guard unit for that one. Generally speaking, I really like the trigger guard more (especially green laser models). The TG was far easier to put on, and I like the activator button placement much more. The adjustment screws are slightly bigger too, which means the adjustment wrench is more sturdy. The only downside to the TG type, is that you may need/want a different holster that is more compatible with that laser attachment choice. But getting back to the laser grip, I do love this one, and would definitely buy it again if a TG laser was not available for the firearm in question. Both Crimson Trace products I purchased were very high quality, and I will remain a loyal Crimson Trace customer as long as they continue to produce such high quality products.

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