[Review] Crimson Trace CTC Laserguard Kahr PM45/TP45/CW45 LG-434 Pros

Crimson Trace CTC Laserguard Kahr PM45/TP45/CW45 LG-434 utilizes the instinctive front activation point that requires no additional thought from your standard method of aiming. With Laserguard technology from Crimson Trace, simply grip the gun normally and the Laserguard activates, instantly painting a bright red dot where the gun is aimed. Crimson Trace Laserguard for Kahr PM45, TP45, CW45 has an instinctive solution that is critical to personal defense when fine motor skills are diminished and you may only get one chance to grab and fire your gun. The Crimson Trace LG-434 is designed to be as compact as possible for maximum holsterability, and offers ambidextrous operation to suit left-handed and right-handed shooters all the same. Be sure to check out the full line of Crimson Trace laser sights along with laser sights from several top brands for some of the best laser shooting aids available.

92.75 /100
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Specifications for CrimsonTrace Laser Guard CTC LG 434:

Gun Fit: Kahr Arms PM45, TP45, CW45
Activation: Instinctive Activation; Front
Material: Comfortable Rubber Overmolded Switch, Hard Polymer Diode Housing
User Adjustable: Both Windage and Elevation
Warranty: 3 Years Complete
Beam Intensity: 5mw peak, 633nm, class IIIa laser. Maximum output that federal law and technology allow.
Dot Size: Approximately 0.5" diameter at 50 feet.
Power Source: One 1/3N 3v Lithium or two 357 Silver Oxide batteries for over four hours of on-time use and a five year shelf life

Features of Crimson-Trace Laser-Guard LG-434:

  • Instinctive activation for a natural and accurate and natural laser aiming
  • User adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Durable material that adds very little weight or bulk to your firearm

1-Crimson Trace CTC Laserguard Kahr PM45/TP45/CW45 LG-434
2-Crimson Trace CTC Laserguard Kahr PM45/TP45/CW45 LG-434
3-Crimson Trace CTC Laserguard Kahr PM45/TP45/CW45 LG-434

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  • CONS
  • need new holster
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Mitchell - Add Reply

ilove the crimsom trace laseguard fit and finish is great install easy factory setting were right on target need new holster fits well in the hand second laser from crimson trace great buy opticsplanet fast delivery the best in prices what more do you want

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Reese - Add Reply

This is easy to install and works great. Pros: Small unobtrussive laser for a small gun. Cons: None

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Norris - Add Reply

I have purchased multiple CT Laserguards. On this particular grip, the CW45 is a little longer than the Kahr CM 9 which I also have the CT Laserguard. This small difference in length makes the LG-434 perfect for the CW 45. CT Laserguards are easy to sight in at any distance, and I will continue to add LG's to my future firearms.

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Gavin - Add Reply

Very easy to install, and adjust zero. The laser was activated with normal shooting hand grip. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a laser on a handgun that a grip laser was not available. Very good product and easy to install and use.

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Garfield - Add Reply

This the second CT Laserguard I've purchased from Opticsplanet. Best pricing on quality products, keeps me coming back. Crimson Trace has a great product, perfect fit, Life time battery offer, what's not to like?

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Benny - Add Reply

Good price and fast delivery from optics planet ,easy to install , easy to set zero , stays on zero , lifetime battery replacement guaranty . Thanks

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