[Review] Crimson Trace Lasergrip For Kahr Arms K9/K40 LG460 Pros

Crimson Trace Lasergrip For Kahr Arms K9/K40 LG460 on sale and available from our online store. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Crimson Trace Laser Sights.

Crimson LG-460 Lasergrip fits Kahr Arms K9 and K40.

88 /100
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1-Crimson Trace Lasergrip For Kahr Arms K9/K40 LG460
2-Crimson Trace Lasergrip For Kahr Arms K9/K40 LG460
3-Crimson Trace Lasergrip For Kahr Arms K9/K40 LG460

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Ryleigh - Add Reply

This Crimson Trace purchase is yet another of several prior such purchases for other handgun types. This product is made withg great care and attention to detail. And it's 100% Made in the USA! Moreover, Crimson Trace customer service can't be beat. Finally, as a value shopper, I haven't been able to find better prices ANYWHERE other than OpticsPlanet.com. Pros: Well-made in the USA; does not add bulk or hinder holstering; aids in combat-style point shooting Cons: none

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Jimmy - Add Reply

Excellent product and already zeroed . Easy installation and the grip is comfortable . Service from optics planet is first class as always. Highly recommend this product . I liked them so much I purchased another set for my Colt

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Ian - Add Reply

I highly recommend them to anyone with a Kahr K9 or K40. Accurate right out of the box! I have larger hands but hey feel great in my hands. If you want some nice grips to have on your Kahr for Home Defense then look no further.

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Bradford - Add Reply

I was looking for a laser to use with the Kahr forty caliber and Crimson Trace was the only one I could find since there is no rail to use on this firearm. Ergo, a model specific sight was the only option and Optics Planet had a great deal combined with the rebate offer. The shipping took almost ten days, but that is no reflection on Optics Planet other than I wish they would use another carrier. Right off the bat I had a problem with one of the battery tabs that would not lock down and seat tightly. Then it popped out after removing a magazine which prevented another mag from being inserted. Problem possibly fixed by snapping back in place with flat end of a screwdriver inserted into the mag well. The on-off switch is very tiny and difficult to maneuver. The directions tell you to leave it on all the time. Once installed, I turned it on, which takes a bit of finger pressure to activate. I was impressed that in fact it did line up very closely with the regular sights while aiming at a wall twenty feet away. At the range, the dot was easy to see on a dark target at ten yards, and again it was close to Point of Aim with the sights. Point of Impact shots were very close to Point of Aim and with a minor adjustment, put it dead-on. Accuracy and groupings definitely increased with this laser grip. I did observe that the grip screws became loose after one box of ammo, not surprised considering the recoil. Overall, a mixed experience but glad this was offered. However, buyer sho... Read More...

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Jordyn - Add Reply

I ordered these grips on monday @ 1:48 pm and they where delivered the next day @ 2:30 pm. Wow talk about a quick turn a round. Exteremly happy with the way Opticsplanet get's your order out the door. Pros: Great fit, very accurate, really like the front activation, easy to adjust (sight in) laser Cons: Grips are not soft rubber like the original K9 grips..... but very comfortable anyway

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Colt - Add Reply

Not quite as comfortable as the factory grips, but that is just my opinion. Didn't need any adjustment out of the box. The company sends me free replacement batteries. Brighter than most other red dot lasers I have tried. Pros: Effective and easy to use. Cons: Price. Texture.

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Sylvan - Add Reply

Great unit, although on the pricey side. On the other hand, how much is your life worth? Pros: accurate Cons: pricey

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