[Review] Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M) Pros

Take your trusty Springfield XD/XD(M) pistol and prepare it for everything from target practice to high-pressure missions with the Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD. Replacing your original recoil spring guide with a simple installation, these Red Laser Sights developed by LaserMax do not interfere with your pistol's dimensions, fitting with your holsters and favorite grips thanks to its totally internal design. With a deliberate on/off activation and an ambidextrous switch, the Lasermax Red Laser Sight for Springfield XD simply drops into place and its ready for action, providing a pulsating beam for increased visibility. Get the best shooting accuracy and prepare your firearm for anything when you install the Lasermax Pulsating Laser Sight for Springfield XD.

92 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M) Pistols:

  • Designed for Springfield XD/XD(M) Pistols
  • Totally internal - cannot be knocked out of alignment
  • No permanent modification to gun - remove it anytime
  • No need to change holster or give up your rail flashlight
  • Compatible with your favorite grips and aftermarket accessories
  • Drops into place, replaces original recoil spring guide
  • The recoil spring included with this model is captive (it is integrated into a spring-guide rod unit with end caps to retain the spring on the rod)
  • Ambidextrous switch in custom take-down lever
  • Deliberate on/off activation - no squeezing the grip, no shaking
  • Pulsating beam for increased visibility
  • Factory aligned (1911 models are also user adjustable for fine tuning)
  • No alterations to pistol's dimensions to fit into any holster
  • Installs within minutes
  • Beam pulsates for increased visibility
  • Conforms to Universal Cover Mode by positioning the activation switch where the index finger should be before safe operation
  • Distinct on-off switch easily activated by both right-handed and left-handed shooter without compromising your shooting accuracy
  • Installs as close to bore of the firearm as possible, providing a consistent relationship between point of aim and point of impact (POA/POI)
  • Permanently aligned from factory for center-of-mass accuracy at 20 yards
  • Quality assurance includes live test firing

1-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)
2-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)
3-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)
4-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)
5-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)
6-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)
7-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)
8-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)
9-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)
10-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)
11-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)
12-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)
13-Lasermax Laser Sights for Springfield XD/XD(M)

  • PROS
  • laser guide rod installation allows for the use of existing holsters
  • flashing laser
  • CONS
  • fitment issues

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Price - Add Reply

This site didn't have an explanation that the Lasermax XD sight would not fit the newer XD's, because Springfield changed the barrel lug configuration. This requires one to modify the end cap to fit properly. Pros: Easy to install

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Newton - Add Reply

The Laser installed in my Springfield XD-9 Sub Compact perfectly. The projected pulsating red dot is very small, but can be seen very well indoors. I tried the laser at an outdoor range today shooting at a man-sized silhouette target. At 10 yards from the target I could not see the red dot. Perhaps this was because the target's color was black. The sky was overcast. At five yards from the target, without aiming using the iron sights, the laser max was very accurate. I know Lasermax's green dot laser costs more because it probably has better visibility outdoors during daylight hours. Indoors, the red pulsating dot can be seen very well even with indoor lighting.The same for outdoors at dusk or at night. Pros: Very accurate upon installation right out of the box. Cons: Can't see pulsating red laser dot at 10 yards distance on an overcast day.

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Zion - Add Reply

every thing about this product is great, lines up perfect with sights,easy to install,and easy to use the laser. the only thing i dont like on it is the take down switch they give you to replace the factory one. it is how you turn the laser on. it kinda fits a little loose does'nt fit quite as good as factory.also the switch on it is very touchy only when you're pushing in from left to right. just make sure it is indeed off when not using! overall great buy. Pros: easy to insall & use Cons: take down switch is kinda funny

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Bart - Add Reply

Laser max was really easy top set up and very simple to use. Pros: Fits into Normal Holster Cons: Haven't found any yet

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Santiago - Add Reply

Good value and product except having problem after shooting several rounds. The on/off switch moves in barrel and it no longer shuts off. I need to disassemble gun move it back and reassemble after each range use.

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Uriel - Add Reply

Not my first LaserMax laser. Have one on a Glock 17 so installation and use were familiar. harder to install on XD because installation of new take-down lever required following directions EXACTLY. If you do so, it's easy tho'. Love the ease of activating and deactivating laser but will not have the various options found on an external mount such as Viridian. But for a sturdy product that will fit any applicable holster - can't beat the internal mount. Pros: Internal Mount & pre-zeroed Cons: Battery change

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Fernando - Add Reply

Wow! Is really all I have to say. No need for adjustment - fabulous concept - wish I had invented it! No more worries for night time break-ins/home invasion and not being able to stop them. The laser pulsates in such a way as to illuminate the entire target. I'm sure the bad guys are going to slink away from a fight as they are likely to be blinded or o/w disoriented from this fantastic product! One-finger operation allows shooter to turn off and on so own movement is undetected. Great product! Pros: Lights up target so well that it probably also disorients him Cons: Not entirely convinced that the material of construction will hold up longterm

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Kip - Add Reply

Easy to install, piece of cake to use, but the switch is touchy. If I try to use the factory holster it turns the laser on every time. I also cannot put the gun in the factory case without putting something in to hold the barrel up so the foam does not turn on the laser. Pros: Easy to install, bright, simple to use. Cons: Switch it touch, can't use factory holster because it turns laser on.

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Sam - Add Reply

love the laser but it needs to have a momentary switch, problem once on you have to use support hand to turn off. if it was a an easy on push and hold with the support hand it would be better.. Pros: intermitant laser Cons: no momentary switch

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Ernest - Add Reply

the on off switch isnt very good to small and set in to much.dosent lock in to gun like rod for the gun does. wasnt happy with the switch being plastic. Pros: dont change gun looks Cons: could fit better

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Tyson - Add Reply

Perfect companion to your XD-45 Tactical. It comes with ONE HECK of a stiff recoil spring though, but it doesn't seem to effect the weapon at all. Not a fan of items that have proprietary wear items (Like batteries), however OP seems to always have them on hand, I'll be picking one up whenever I make a purchase here. All and all,well made and better then my expectations. Pros: EASY to install (even if you are a mechanical moron) Cons: Propitiatory Batteries

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David - Add Reply

Purchased this because I already had a SERPA holster and I wanted a laser sight that didn't cause me to have to get another holster. Took it took the range and I was able to place many rounds on top of each other in the target area of about a quarter. Was very accurate out of the box. The switch took a bit of getting used to as I wasn't pressing it in all the way and it turned off after each round. Figured I missed another "click" and pressed it in further and stayed on with no issues. Liked it so much I got one for my Beretta. Pros: Weapon integration, visibility, ease of installation Cons: Switch can slip...occasionally.

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Sedrick - Add Reply

Would have liked the option of constant on laser with product. No problems at all with vendor, Optics Planet. Good value for price. Great follow up after purchase. Would definitely purchase from them again in the future. Pros: Easy to install and use Cons: No constant on laser, only intermittent

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Logan - Add Reply

Wonderful easy to use product. Everything worked perfectly out of the box. 3 minute install and no problems. Pros: easy to install and use, accurate out of box

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Jerrell - Add Reply

This laser was extremely easy to install; it only took me 5 minutes to field strip, install and re-assemble. It is very bright and extremely accurate since it's built right into the bottom of the barrel of the gun. Activation swith is easily accessible and I got it at a great price here at Optics Planet. I highly recommend this product! Pros: 5 Minute Install Cons: None Yet

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Abner - Add Reply

Love the guide laser and will order one for my 9mm XDm. Only wish LaserMax produced one for a Kahr K Pros: Easy installation, zeroed to sight Cons: If a con, battery cap on guide rod is plastic, but hasn't caused any problems

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Kamryn - Add Reply

Good value !! Glad I had the 5" .

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Alejandrin - Add Reply

Excellent product and I would recommend it to family & friends. Pros: Easy installation Cons: Markings on back of Battery Cap Hard To Read

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Lucius - Add Reply

I was looking for a laser for the XD-9 Mod.2. I felt a guide rod version would be best and would allow me to carry my weapon with the current holsters I own. Upon installation, the guide rod, even with the cap for the XD-9 installed, barely remains in place. I was able to get it installed and rack the slide a few times without it locking up. The guide rod at first would not stay in place, but currently seems fine. I'll have to see if putting several hundred rounds through will show this to work as it's supposed to. The other item that could be better is the take-down lever, which is replaced with one in the package. It must be installed perfectly before the button that turns on the laser, from either side by the way, will work. That was not an issue for me, but for others. Have used the laser in dry firing thus far to become acclimated to it's function and placement. Very bright and usable as a way to acquire the target is low light situations. It also flashes, which is said to be better for the eyes and to prevent others from zeroing in on your position (unlike using a flashlight).

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Warren - Add Reply

A bit of a challenge installing the new take-down lever but with patience it can be done. Very well designed and fit perfectly. Pros: Not a bolt-on; can be used with all XDM holsters, Easy to operate switch Cons: None

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Julian - Add Reply

These sights are an excellent value for the money. Especially for my aging eyes. I have the green on yellow and the light up at night as well as at the range. Pros: Excellent visibility in all lighting conditions Cons: Need a gunsmith for the XD (hydraulic press needed)

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Marvin - Add Reply

I ordered this laser with the idea I would use it for our night hunting expeditions. Been out with it several times now and it has performed flawlessly. I wouldn't give it up if asked! Pros: Great distance with laser. Cons: Fairly easy to set up, but you must follow directions carefully.

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Rey - Add Reply

Works great, i also have a lasermax sight for a sig229 and glock23... no problems with any of these sights Pros: small, powerful, useful Cons: none

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Wendell - Add Reply

I have never had a complaint buying from Optics Planet .. they are what the Internet is all about Pros: The guide rod laster for my XD9 Tactical is simply perfect. It is everything the manufacturer claims. ... easy to install, works like a charm, and fits my regular holster Cons: None

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Santino - Add Reply

Been to the range a few times now and I like it more and more. Planning on using it for night-hunting soon. Pros: The laser is bright and accurate. Cons: Installation is a little tedious, but manageable.

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