[Review] Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope Pros

Price Save Up to 42% from $709 to $409.99

Get the most out of your glassing sessions by switching to the Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope. These Riflescopes by Sightron are built tough to survive the harshest of hunts, providing waterproof, fogproof and shockproof capabilities in the backcountry. The lenses of each Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Rifle Scope contain their special Zact-7 Revcoat multi-coating that provides bright, crisp and clear images throughout your sight picture. You won't miss a moment in the field since you can make swift and simple adjustments with the Fast Focus Eyebell, and the ExacTrack windage and elevation adjustment system is out of this world. Boost your sighting capabilities and fine-tune your accuracy at a variety of ranges when wielding the Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50mm Riflescope.

92.75 /100
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  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope:

Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Magnification: 4 - 20 x
Tube Diameter: 30 mm
Exit Pupil: 2.5 mm
Battery Type: CR2032
Diopter Adjustment Range: -2 - 1 dpt
Color: Black
Width: 2.3 in
Height: 2.3 in
Illumination Type: LED
Illumination Color: Red
Parallax: 10 yds to infinity
Lens Material: Glass
Optical Coating: Zact-7 TM 7-Layer
Attachment/Mount Type: Ring
Battery Life: 400 hours
Weather Resistance: Yes
Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
Shockproof: Yes
Fogproof: Yes
Finish: Matte
Package Type: Box
Magnification Type: Variable
Additional Features: Side Focus

Features of Sightron 4-20x50mm Tactical Riflescope S-TAC, TN-RS-465S:

  • Fast Focus Eyebell allows for quick and easy adjustments when in the field.
  • S-TAC Target Turret. Precision adjustable target turret in 1/4 MOA adjustments. All models are resettable to zero and are protected by rugged windage and elevation caps.
  • Zoom Ring Lever. A pop up style zoom ring lever for ease of use in cold weather climates.
  • ExacTrack. This scope features Sightron's unique ExacTrack windage and elevation adjustment system.
  • Zact-7 Revcoat Multi-Coating. Employs revolutionary lens coating technology featuring fully multi-coated precision ground glass.
  • Waterproof. Rain, snow or humidity, Sightron optics are built using 100% sealed system ensuring a lifetime of performance in the most extreme environmental conditions.
  • Shockproof. Rated for recoil and impact from even the toughest loads.
  • Nitrogen Gas Charged. Nitrogen filled to provide a lifetime of use free from fogging and internal water buildup.

1-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope
2-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope
3-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope
4-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope
5-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope
6-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope
7-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope
8-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope
9-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope
10-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope
11-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope
12-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope
13-Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 Riflescope

  • PROS
  • Price, Quality, Repeatability
  • In comments
  • Bright sharp glass.
  • 80 MOA E and 40 MOA W adjustments.
  • Super smooth focus and zoom.
  • 15 MOA E in one turret revolution
  • MOA - 2 Reticle - MOA knobs
  • Good value, glass is generally good.
  • Glass Quality
  • Zero Return Elevation Turret
  • clarity of glass
  • tracks true
  • zero retention
  • Zero Return Windage Turret
  • Brightness at high power
  • Eye relief distance
  • Eye box size
  • Turret Adjustment
  • Great scope for the price.
  • crystal clear
  • Very clear glass
  • Great range of magnification
  • really good scope for the price
  • Great Clarity
  • CONS
  • No lens caps
  • No sunshade included.
  • no lens covers
  • Tracking not so reliable
  • Need illuminated reticle
  • No sunshade
  • canted reticle
  • havent found one yet
  • Side focus ring versus Parallax yardage marks
  • Wish it had a Varmint rectile
  • Sun shade has to be purchased separately.
  • Didn't come with sun shade
  • a bit heavy
  • no marking on side focus , zoom lever un needed and very sharp
  • No sun shade

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Uriah - Add Reply

This scope is a great value !! The glass is better than my vortex and Athlon at max power hardly and dispersion at max power on magnification which is great the side focus works great also . Some people say the flip up throw lever is sharp which it is but you could round off corners your self or take it off with easy just screw that holds it on the the magnification ring . The magnification ring it's self has the best grip I've had on a scope !! Only thing I wish it had was a lighted reticle for low light hunting ! Down fall is the tiny turret set screws wish they was a little bigger but turrets are audible And tactile. For the price you can not beat this scope don't hesitate give it a shot .

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Chelsey - Add Reply

I have been using exclusively Sightron Scopes on my rifles for @ 20 years. It all started with a 4X16 SI that I purchased for a Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker in .243 Win. That rifle and scope have served me reliable at distances out to 800 yards. It is used consistently on ground hogs out to 500 yards, with occasional pokes at steel plate at 800. It hits VERY consistently. The clarity of the optics is impressive! Later I stepped up to the SII Big Sky model (now obsolete). I have these in 4X16 and 6X24 on 4 different rifles. Again, the reliability is amazing and the optics are very impressive! For my latest build, I placed a S-Tac 4X20 on top of a Marlin .338 MXLR. Boy, was I impressed with the clarity of this optic! I expected good things and got great things! This combe has been proven on steel plate all the way out to 580 yards! Elk beware!! At this price, these scopes are a home run. I am constantly being asked by friends about how I can afford such great optics for my rifles. Several times, the word liar was thrown back at me, until they purchased one themselves. After that I get called "my hero". The only guys who have ignored my recommendation on these scopes, are the guys who require the "status" of spending $1K and up on a Leupold, Vortex, or Huskamaw. I would rather save $700+ . Price, Quality, Repeatable (I dial my corrections) is all there in these rifle scopes. Half the cost of the older SII BigSky, but vastly superior! Sightron and the ... Read More...

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Deonte - Add Reply

Again great scope FOR THE COST.love the floating dot/reticle .love the turrets.love the built in throw switch.saves me money having to buy one separate.those who whine about it must have sissy fingers .eye focus and parallax adjustment are nice and smooth to turn.the person who claimed his scope was fogged out didn't use the parallax adjustment correctly.he used the infinity mark ,which looks like a sideways number 8 as 8 yards .totally backwards. Glass is good . It's not as good /crisp as my vortex viper pst or my zeiss scopes that cost triple plus the money.thats using MY EYES Not YOURS.as I expected eyebox is very tight at max.looking at road signs approximately 800 and 1000 plus yards I can't see why anyone would have problems with this scope at long distance .the shooter yeah.its not fair to compare the glass to 1000-2000 dollar scopes .however I just can't see with all the pros how one can go wrong. Made for budget minded buyers . you want better glass break out the wallet.

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Ward - Add Reply

Sightron has been making premium optics at bargain basement prices for some time now and this "NO FRILL" version is no exception. Function is flawless, clarity is brilliant, color is true, parallax functions perfectly, windage and elevation clicks are very defined, zero return works better than other brands I've tried. Eye relief is very forgiving and ghosting is minimal at highest power. You dont get lens caps or sun shade but you do get a far better than average long range scope - BUY IT - YOU'LL LIKE IT !!!!

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Magnus - Add Reply

Having owned 3 Sightron scopes before this one I had no hesitation on my selection of the S-TAC.After receiving the scope which was super fast shipping from OP,I mounted it on my 7Mag and immediately headed for the range It preformed perfectly,tracked with no problems,clarity flawless,I also love the eye relief on the Sightrons.This is a product I would recommend to the first time scope owner to the seasoned shooter.

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Freddie - Add Reply

Great clarity, on par with Vortex Viper glass. Mounted in talley lightweight rings on a 7mm Sendero. Tracked well out to 1000 yards. Have shot and owned many scopes from $300 to $2000 and was very satisfied for the price.

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Wilfred - Add Reply

Decided to purchase this scope because Lightroom is one of the last few scope makers that bondage adjustments only affect bondage and yardage adjustments only affect yardage. I own several Zeiss diamonte scopes, and the optics in this scope are very close to those. I highly recommend this scope.

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Stevie - Add Reply

I have a friend who has several of these scopes. Has had good luck with them. Im impressed with the glass at this price. Would recommend. I have other brands that are higher price. This one is a very good value.

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Orin - Add Reply

I own many different brand riflescopes and the Sightron S-TAC lens quality and clarity equals and exceeds those costing hundreds to thousands more. Fantastic lens glass, super smooth focus and zoom rings and I especially like the elevation (80 MOA) adjustments, 15 MOA with one revolution. The only disappointment is Sightron does not include a sunshade. I use this for shooting rimfire steel matches out to 225yds and can easily see the hits on the sighter plate. Buy it - you will like it.

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Jackson - Add Reply

I put this scope on a .222 that I use for target and varmint. The Moa-2 reticle is just awesome, very fine lol center dot makes it easy to be precise. The side focus is not marked for yardage but is very easy to adjust and make the target very sharp and clear. Optics planet had the best price and fast delivery.

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Gaetano - Add Reply

This is a fantastic scope -- Amazing quality for the money. The scope feels very solid. The turrets have solid and clear clicks. The glass is exceptional. I own some higher end scopes, but I consider the Sightron S-Tac to be the best value. Highly recommended.

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Eleazar - Add Reply

Crystal clear glass from down to four power to twenty power. Like the addition of the gold down lever on the power rind Nice touch. Rivals more expensive scopes but at a lower price. Will buy more of this scope in the future

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Cullen - Add Reply

Ok, this scope is the bomb. Put it on a 22LR or a 300 win mag. Tracks perfectly. Not the "prettiest" in terms of finish, but the glass is awesome! also, no one needs FFP or Illuminated! Seriously, Be true to yourself. I'm a casual shooter, and serious hunter. Have two of these, one for 6.5 CM and one for 7wsm.

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Ari - Add Reply

Purchased this scope for future build. Giving it 5 stars for appearance,build quality and glass. Love the positive/audible and clearly marked turrets.Zoom,focus and parallax dials are smooth throughout their entire range. Personally I think this one can't be beat for the price point

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Kamren - Add Reply

This scope has good glass in the price range, clear and sharp. However, the main problem is the tracking is not always reliable. In my opinion, tracking is much more important than the glass. It's pretty good for short or mid range shooting. But if you want to do some long range shooting, you should pay more bucks and get a better scope or just stick on a fixed power scope. Also, the side focus has no range mark on it and I do think that this scope could not handle the recoil on big bore.

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Willis - Add Reply

Optics Planet did what they do, fast, free shipping and safe product arriving at my door. Sightron Stac scopes a a great value. I cannot own enough of them. At 20x very good glass and so nice at 4x. The 80mil elevation adjustment is incredible for the price, you cannot find that anywhere. Shot the box 2x and end up back at zero. Why spend the extra $ on something inferior. Only wish they offered an illuminated reticle , that would be the best hands down.

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Nigel - Add Reply

I gave Sightron a try. The glass is as clear as my nightforce shv 5-20. The turrets are okay, not as positive as the SHV. A sunshade and zero stop would have been nice (homemade stop with washer will work) . The moa reticle is nice. The negative is that the reticle was canted about 0.6 degrees to the right (comparing to the top of turret cap), but i have seen other brands of scopes with worst reticle cant. I only paid around $400 for the S-tac 4-20x50 MOA. For the money, it is a nice scope.

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Mack - Add Reply

This scope for the price is fantastic, well made and the functions are all positive. Used it at a 1,000 yard target and it was clear and the moa worked great, I have ordered a second one. I am strongly looking into purchasing the SV series scope in the coming months is it pricy oh yes but I do believe it will be worth it. Would I recommend this to someone yes, I believe with a good range finder and this scope for hunting you have a winner.

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Ralph - Add Reply

Just received my Sightron STac 4-20x50 MOA reticle and am pleasantly surprised. Fit/finish is very nice, and adjustments (tracking) is crisp & predictable. I also use Leupold, Nightforce, Burris Black Diamond, etc and the glass on the Sightron STac 4-20x50mm is very good, and is absolutely unbeatable for the price.

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Timmy - Add Reply

I've only had this scope a short time and have only used it at 100 and 200 yards. The reticle is easily visible in moderately low and very bright light. The glass quality is similar to my $1200 Leupold at just over 1/4 the price, my VX3 does have 24x at its max zoom. I'm impressed with this purchase.

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Harold - Add Reply

awesome scope!!! great clarity at any power and range.love that reticle. moa. if you want a precision scope thats affordable then get this one or any that sightron offers.i would love for it to come with a sunshade but its a small request compared to what you get.i have no negative comments on this scope

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Clay - Add Reply

I have always used Vortex optics so I was kind of scepticle to change but after receiving this scope I am very happy with my purchase. Crystal clear and I like the turent style. The only thing I might would change is the parallax adjustment is I wish it had the yardage marked on it. Overall though great scope!! Matter of fact I am going to order my wife one as well!!

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Laverna - Add Reply

The Good: The resolution is excellent. I find the glass to be on par with my Nikon Monarchs. I might put the resolution just a hint behind my Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24x40, but the image is very usable. I can easily spot a .308 hit on paper at 300 yards. At 4x this scope is crazy bright, and the image is still plenty bright even at 20x on a cloudy day. The weight is well within reason for this type of optic. The tracking is absolutely flawless. The Bad: The flare control of this scope is pretty poor. It is not so bad to negate the other positives of this scope, but it manages flare worse than Bushnell Banner or Nikon Prostaff scopes. The finish is absurdly easy to scuff. Not a big deal, but still worth mentioning. The throw lever was a good idea, but very poorly executed. It is too short and sharp to be useful. Final Verdict: The only significant knock I have against this scope is the poor flare control, but it shines bright in every other area, so I couldn't justify taking a star off the rating. Not at this price, anyway. I ended up pushing a spent .45 acp case over the extended throw lever and it fits perfectly and makes for better leverage and no cut fingers (seriously, the lever is that sharp from the factory). I have this mounted on a braked heavy barreled .308 Win, so I can't tell you how it stands up to recoil as the rifle is a real pussycat. In short, if you need a relatively inexpensive scope for a tactical or semi-precision rifle, this is a great choi... Read More...

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Kameron - Add Reply

This is my second S-Tac 4-20x50 they have very good glass, clear and sharp. They are used on a .308 bolt and .308 ar/10.I use them on steels at 100,200,300,400.yds.very good scops in quality and price I would buy another one if and when needed.

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Arely - Add Reply

Short assessment - BUY ONE - you can;t go wrong for the money!!! I have owned a SII Sightron 3-9x for the past ten years and have had outstanding success with it. You just can;t beat the clarity and flatness of image of the glass edge to edge. Obviously solid mounts have helped, but this scope has never lost zero on my 284 Winchester since it was sighted in. I have used the same load ...140 gr. Swift Siroccos and Nosler Accubonds as the POI and group the same with thicker jackets on the Siroccos for heavier gam... for 8 years now and every year for sighting-in with 300 yd zero it is ALWAYS DEAD ON! This is the first S-TAC that I have purchased, and from all indications I expect the same performance on my custom 6.5 Super LR cartridge. With strap-hold-down, turret adjustments seem to box on the money, eye relief is fantastic with decent sized eye-box, and virtually no loss in brightness at 20x over 4x when looking at side of gray barn at 50 yds to limit background light influence on assessment. YOU JUST CAN'T BEAT THE VALUE OF THIS SCOPE! Compared to the Burris $1200 8-25x Tactical Extreme FFP I had on it before, I believe the Sightron has an edge on the Burris glass. And quite frankly, I sold the Burris because they completely hosed me on a warranty claim for a reticle failure on one scope...so I ditched all my Burris scopes in favor of Leupold and Sightron.

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Jessie - Add Reply

As good as the Votex Viper range for glass if not superior but with better retical and parallax range down to 9 yards. Ideal for 22lr target or any target, varmint rifles. Great quality and value for money.

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Jordan - Add Reply

The tracking on this scope is ridiculous. It is very exact and very repeatable. The glass is very clear through all magnifications and the reticle is very good for target shooting. I would say it might be a little thin for hunting due to the size of the lines. think you would be hard pressed to find something for a better price.

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Tre - Add Reply

GREAT SCOPE! Clear glass at all powers, good constant eye relief, audible clicks and tracks perfect. I would recommend to anyone looking for a hunting/target scope. Duplex reticle is perfect thickness. Scope is heavy but that is to be expected with a power range as such. Great scope for the money.

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Lesley - Add Reply

Sightron s-tac 4-20x50 duplex excellent clarity, duplex was not to dark and thick to block target. No markings on side parallel knob was a little different. Scope was long at 14.75 inches,on my rifle. I found it was as good as some more expensive leupolds. Overall a very nice scope for the money.

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Fletcher - Add Reply

Purchased, another Sightron 4-20x50 scope for my other AR Squirrel gun, adjustment, clarity, and quality are the reasons I keep coming back to Sightron. Even with the AR 15 Action, scope holds true on target, just wish the shooter could......

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Ariel - Add Reply

I would recommend this scope as a real value for the quality of optics that you get. In my opinion it is at least equal to a VX-3 or Viper in clarity. The lever that folds out for the power adjustment is a great feature for effortless changing of power settings. I now have two of these scopes and have no complaints. Even at the highest power setting the eye relief is still not critically sensitive. The one version that has the dot in the center covers a 1/4" at 100 yd. at 20 power and will be good for long range shots. The duplex cross hair is great, it falls between the standard duplex and fine duplex in thickness for a good long range scope as well. The only negative is it doesn't come with a sunshade which has to be purchased separately.

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Hiram - Add Reply

It's crystal clear, I can see .223 holes easily at 100+ yards and it tracks perfectly with very positive turret clicks. For the type of shooting I do it's great. Optics planet's price was fair and shipping was fast. I honestly couldn't be happier with the purchase.

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Rashad - Add Reply

Purchased for my new Remington 700 in 308. I shot with a Sightron in 22 Benchrest nearly 20 years ago and had forgotten how nice a product they put out. Only have about 40 rounds through the gun since installing the scope. Everything is thumbs up! Turrents are positive, tactile and audiable and easily zero'ed once the rifle is zero'ed in. Haven't had the opportunity to shoot the box but adjustments while zeroing the rifle appeared to be right on. The ONLY criticism that I have is that the windage turret runs from 0 to 15 MOA rather than 0-7 1/2 left or right. In my opinion, this is a great scope at a great price.

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Francesco - Add Reply

This scope was used on a 6.5 Grendel. It has just the right range of magnification for this weapon, and tracks very nicely. The zoom knob is nice and notched so that it easily adjusted. The little lever for assisted zoom is probably not necessary, but a nice touch. I do not find it sharp as some others have. The fine reticle is great for long range shooting. Only wish this had illumination.

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Harley - Add Reply

s-tac 4x20x50 duplex, I bought this scope on sale mainly for AZ long range coues deer, elk hunting and informal long range target shooting. Mounted on 300 wby mag, so far so good, I chose the duplex reticle because it's easier to see for hunting, scope has 40 moa windage adjustment & 80 moa elevation adjustment as advertised, glass is clear, good eye relief, plenty of bell to bell mounting length, good solid turret clicks, easy to read turret marking, smooth 5x zoom, side focus adjustment is adequate (no reference markings). This is a very good price for a quality scope with these features. I would have given it 5 stars, but there is a couple things I didn't care for, but not enough to not buy one that's for sure. this is for the manufacturer to improve on in the future. Zoom ring lever in not needed, It's sharp and can cut you. side focus really needs reference marks if nothing else once you get to know the scope better it would be easier after range finding to just adjust parallax to the reference yardage mark instead of taking time to focus perfectly. we have other scopes that are similar I need to play with this scope for awhile long term to see how it really stands up to our hunting style. One thing I do like and have it on other scopes is long range turret caps that you can't gat out of adjustment if rubbed on the pack frame and got out of adjustment like happened this year on a friends bull hunt.

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Jennings - Add Reply

This scope is great for the price. Glass is very clear and adjustments are very accurate. I have several of these scopes and they always are very impressive. At least a step above gen1 viper scopes and I would say better than the gen2 that I have looked through. closer to on par with vx 3i scopes.

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Christopher - Add Reply

Excellent scope, tracks well glass is very clear. Took it out to 600 yrds on my .308 with no issues. Reticle is clear and easy to use. Would recommend this scope for anything from hunting to competition.

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Everardo - Add Reply

Sightron has great glass and this scope continues that trend. Turrets have strong clicks and track we'll. For the price you can't go wrong. My friend had one and after shooting his at the range I was destined to buy one.

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Preston - Add Reply

This is the third Sightron scope I have ordered from Optics Planet. The functions on the S Tac are the same as the SIII. Always great glass & ergonomics. This scope makes hitting 2MOA targets at 600 meters easier. Would definitely buy another Sightron.

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Erich - Add Reply

I have several Sightron rifle scopes from the SII to the Big Sky SIII varieties. The S-TAC scope is a less expensive option to the Big Sky brand but in no way does it sacrifice quality. The glass is almost indeterminate between the two scopes and the target turrets function equally well and return to their original point of impact with the same precision. The S-TAC comes with no sun shade or scope covers but a very nice neoprene scope cover with the Sightron name does come supplied with the scope. I have Leupold, Nightforce, Bushnell Elite and Zeiss scopes in my gun case and with exception to the Nightforce glass (which is almost triple the cost) the Sightron scope is on par with the others in clarity.

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Cedrick - Add Reply

Took a chance on buying this scope and lm glad I did. This scope has very clear glass and holds zero very well. Mounted the scope on a Weatherby Vanguard in 308 Win. After breaking in the barrel and sighing in the scope I was able to split playing cards in half at 100 yards. Not on the first shot of course. The 4x20 was just enough to give me a good view of the cards For the money you will not find a better scope. Love this scope so much lm going to buy a nother one for my AR. So if you are on a budget and want a good scope just buy this one. You be glad you did. And OP has a great price and fast shipping. Just wait to you get a coupon and get even a better price.

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Pierce - Add Reply

I was looking for a scope to put on my 10/22 and this has all the options I was looking for. Optics are clear and bright, reticle very useful for my application. Focus down to 9 yards for indoor shooting as well.

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Frederic - Add Reply

just received the scope today. my only complaint was that the focus/ parallax.is not labeled for yardage. Glass is great,I Find it better then my vortex diamondback FFP and close to my Burris xtr ii. eye relief is better then my vortex as well and the fast focus tab that can be enebled is a nice bonus. extremely happy that I paid under 300$.

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Reynold - Add Reply

Sightron has really come up with a great product. I love the reticle and the glass is better than you expect from a $400 scope. I can't tell the difference in the glass in the S-TAC and the SIII 6-24 scope that I own. The only thing that could make this better is a zero stop.

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