[Review] Swarovski Straight scope STS65 Protective Case 49328 Pros

Swarovski Straight scope STS65 Protective Case 49328 for Swarovski Spotting Scopes (in stock, sold separately)    The new stay-on-cases for Swarovski straight and angled spotting scopes are developed specially to optimally protect your Swarovski ATS / STS telescope. It hugs the scope so it is optimally embedded in the case. This protective case by Swarovski will not rub or slip in the cover. Your Swarovski spotting scope is perfectly protected.

Available Swarovski Spotting Scopes cases:

  • 49328: Swarovski STS65 Protective Case

95.75 /100
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  • Performance


  • Value for money


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Johnny - Add Reply

I bought the Swarovski Green protective case because I wanted some additional protection for My Swarovski spotting scope. It went on easily and does not allow the scope to slide around or move inside it. Both the eye piece cover and the objective lens cover slide out of the way for unimpeded viewing or can be unsnapped and removed all together. It is also very weatherproof. I have used it on numerous elk hunts in Colorado when it started pouring rain and then quickly turned to sleet and snow. The case was completely dry on the inside when I took it off to let it dry out. The case is also very durable. I once accidentally dropped my spotting scope out of a 25 foot tower blind and was ready to cry right then and there. When I picked up the scope, the case was a little muddy, THANK GOD IT WAS CLOSED!!!! There was not one bit of damage to the case or the scope other than some mud which easily washed right off. Just a small testament to the quality gear that Swarovski puts out. Pros: Easy to put on and does not impede use of the scope Cons: None come to mind

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Drake - Add Reply

Great product, just seems to be a bit overpriced. But when you buy the best, you have to expect this

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