[Review] Wiley X Rx Prescription Lenses Wiley X SG-1 Sunglasses / Goggles w/ RX Lenses Pros

Maintain complete clarity and focus while blocking out the sun's harmful rays during your favorite activities while wearing these Wiley X Rx SG-1 Sunglasses/Goggles Prescription Lenses. You can choose to get the complete pair of goggles or just the gaskets and lenses to replace your current ones. These Prescription Sunglasses w/Single Vision Lenses designed by the experts at Wiley-X block out 100% of UVA and UVB rays to protect your eyes while you take your hog for a spin. With shatterproof polycarbonate lens construction, these Wiley X Rx Prescription Lenses for SG-1 Sunglasses/Goggles are built to survive rough activities while resisting scratches to preserve their service life. Although these lenses provide shade protection, they also maximize light transmission to present true, precise color values for the gorgeous sights you'll see along the way. You can use these in dark or light conditions, indoors or out, and in hazy or overcast sky conditions. Protect your eyes from wind, debris, sunlight, and other dangers when wearing the Wiley X Rx SG-1 Goggles w/ Prescription Lenses.

90.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Wiley X Rx SG-1 Sunglasses/Goggles Prescription Lenses:

  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lens
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Maximum light transmission
  • Blocks 100% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays

1-Wiley X Rx Prescription Lenses Wiley X SG-1 Sunglasses / Goggles w/ RX Lenses
2-Wiley X Rx Prescription Lenses Wiley X SG-1 Sunglasses / Goggles w/ RX Lenses
3-Wiley X Rx Prescription Lenses Wiley X SG-1 Sunglasses / Goggles w/ RX Lenses
4-Wiley X Rx Prescription Lenses Wiley X SG-1 Sunglasses / Goggles w/ RX Lenses

  • PROS
  • Able to handle higher prescriptions
  • Doesn't scratch easily
  • Tough and durable
  • easy to use
  • Quality and price
  • strong materials
  • affordable price
  • Great customer service
  • Cheaper than buying local
  • CONS
  • Poor design of the eye cups
  • Tendency to fog
  • fog up a little
  • scratch easily
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Clifford - Add Reply

These goggles are great except for the tendency to fog up. I am in Afghanistan and frequently out on convoys, and have to either take off my goggles or pull them away from my face in order to allow the lenses to defog. If you order these ensure you purchase a defogger of some sort to apply to the lenses. Overall I feel safer having these lenses on. Thanks Wiley-X Pros: Durability Cons: Lenses fog up

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Ismael - Add Reply

They are hot around eyes due to seals. I shoot action pistol and shotgun and rifle in a shot fall area so the side seals give protection that I need. Pros: Provides good eye protection. Cons: Needs to vent air better on prescription models.

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Jadon - Add Reply

I ordered these almost 3 years back to use primarily as rec specs for indoor/outdoor flag football, soccer, basketball leagues. I wanted a different Wiley X set but these were the only ones that could fit my monster prescription, so I had to make due with these. They've handled a good amount of contact abuse over the years and I haven't had any issues with scratching of the lenses or chipping of the paint through 3 years of use. These glasses would be absolutely amazing if not for one issue I have with them, and that is they fog up consistently with use. I feel as if the padded eye cups are poorly designed and only function to worsen the fogging issue. Other than the small design flaw and the fogging issue, it is an excellent pair of glasses for daily use and contact recreational use. Overall Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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Jules - Add Reply

They fit very well and are lighter than I thought they would be. The standard lens is also very easy on the eyes in bright or low light. Pros: Good fit and feel Cons: None yet

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Juston - Add Reply

Everything was as expected, Prescription was right on! May try a second color lens later. Using for Driving and Flying RC Planes. Performing well for me! Pros: Everything was as expected, Very Comfortable Frames. Versatile. Cons: I didn't realize or overlooked that the Frames came with the Nylon Case. Missed that in the description. Ordered an extra Nylon Case. Spent $12 that I didn't need to spend.

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Lane - Add Reply

Yet about these goggles yet. I am nearsighted and also have a chronic dry eye condition. I did a lot research to try and get a pair that kept air out and looked decent. From the riding I've done with them they seem to fit okay and keep the air out. I have a long trip coming in a couple of weeks so that would give me a good idea. I paid an extra 50 bucks to put on the anti fog (I was told by Larem the operator to do this). But they fogged as soon as I put them on. I called and was told first to send them back to be recoated. I didn't want to do that so I asked them to inquire with the lab about the glasses to see if an antifog could be applied (they are mirror coated). I was told by Danny that he would call me back on it. After more than 24 hours and no reply. I called again and talked to another operator and was told that the anti fogger cannot be applied on mirror coated glasses (she found out from Danny and he was about to email me the info..hmm). So they refunded my 50 bucks immediately which was fine. Would have been less hassle if they had told me that to begin with. The return policy of two weeks is lame when it comes to prescription because they keep 50 percent for restocking which I can see to a point for rx glasses. So be careful when ordering. Pros: Look good Cons: Anti fog cannot be applied to mirror coated glasses

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Jayce - Add Reply

My second order was for dark lenses and when I received them, they were made for another frame. I sending my glasses back today along with the dark lenses for evaluation Pros: fit good, no air leaking in Cons: eye padding after a months use is coming apart on the right side

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Boris - Add Reply

Love goggles for my motorcycle and finally got tired of having to wear contacts, so picked up a pair of the Wiley X prescription goggles. Order arrived quickly. Goggles fit great. Prescription was perfect. Brown tint is awesome. Couldn't be happier. Going to pick up a couple of extra lenses.

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Olaf - Add Reply

Ordered a pair two weeks ago. Came promptly and in great shape. Took them on a 1500 mile road trip. Glasses fit well and the lenses are accurate to my prescription. Solidly built and comfortable. Came with both the normal eyeglass earpieces as well as the wrap around strap. Foam padding around the lenses sealed them tight to my face when wearing the strap. I am extremely near-sighted (-5) so the PD (Pupilary Distance) was critical to make them work well. While they will send you the lenses without specifying the PD, don't do it. Includes a well built soft case and a cleaning cloth. Strongly recommended and a good value for the price. Looking forward to taking them out to the range.

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Trevor - Add Reply

Quality from the packaging, to the eye ware itself. 2 options to wear them, strap or regular bows. Very nice carrying case to protect them when using. Looking forward to using my purchase for a long time.

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Ashton - Add Reply

I previously used the Sawfly with Rx carrier. I was looking for a frame that could hold my powerful prescription without using an Rx carrier. This frame is perfect, I can see very clearly without the fishbowl effect of the Sawfly. Pros: Able to hold powerful prescriptions, switchable lenses between clear and tinted, low-profile (do not get pushed against face while wearing ACH)

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Felipe - Add Reply

I have a flatty asian face and the asian version really just the regular one with a noisepiece attached but it works really good. the lenses are really abrasion proof and clear. It can be configured as goggle or as regular sunglasses. but when you use it as sunglasses because of the fore heavy it could easily fall off your face(for me, at lease)

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Chadrick - Add Reply

I use the SG-1 Rx sunglasses when I ride my Harley Davidson. They do a great job on keeping the wind from my eyes and if I get caught at night riding I can install the extra clear lenes I purchased. Great product!!!!!

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Xzavier - Add Reply

I realy enjoy it. I leave in a place from brazil that we call altitude tropical weather. It's marked by many kinds of weather conditions. In one day, it's possible hi temperatures, fog, rain, low temperatures. Even in poor conditions such as tropicals, the lenses stays clear. I have just started to use it, and soon I 'll take more expirience to tell from here, about this Wiley X SG-1. Pros: Easy to set up, protection and wide visibility

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Isidro - Add Reply

Love them for skiing. Get a product called Cat Crap (I know) to prevent fogging. Looks like Carmex: smear some on the inside of the lenses and then wipe off - prevents fogging better than any other product I've tried. Pros: Good seal and interchangeable lenses Cons: Fogs pretty easily unless treated with anti-fog material

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Graham - Add Reply

I purchased these to keep dust and sand from getting into my eyes. The polarization really helps with the intense sunlight. Pros: Comfortable, versatile Cons: Expensive

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Gino - Add Reply

SUPERIOR!!!...This is the only word to remember when it comes to WILEYX, I ordered these goggles for motorcycling only, I do own other sets of these same goggles, as my prescription changes I get new goggles as needed (10 year average between new pairs) everything about these goggles is SUPERIOR QUALITY, craftsmanship, finish and lenses are top notch!! I am going to order myself a pair of prescription sunglasses also, You get what you pay for and you get your moneys worth with anything WILEYX!!! And OPTICSPLANET did an AWESOME job too!!...cannot beat their prices!!!

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Cyrus - Add Reply

The Wiley-X Rx SG-1s are probably the best pair of sunglasses that I have ever owned. They fit comfortably, are stylish, and are very versatile. The headband comes in extremely handy. Pros: Quality of construction Cons: Price

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Kane - Add Reply

I found the lenses to be of the highest quality and the persription was accurate. Lenses were delivered earlier than expected. Very satisfied with this product and would highly recomend. Pros: High quality and prompt service Cons: None

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Michael - Add Reply

These are great convertible goggles, but they're on the large side. I'm 5'7" and in good shape; the SG-1's are too big for me unless I crank down on the strap. I modified the temples to sit lower over my ears, but they're still pretty big. As a goggle when the SHTF, they'll do well. As for wear as more relaxed sunglasses? I look like a little kid in them. ALSO- Noticed some light fogging at top of one lens after sitting in 70 deg. nighttime temps... Maybe heat from my face against the cooling lens? I had not treated them with the included Anti-Fog stuff they included. Pros: Well Made, Easy To Use, Lens Easy To Change Cons: Too Big For Smaller Heads/Faces

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Murray - Add Reply

I'm not a professional responder or wanna-be. I am, however; a member of a CERT team and preparing for a NASAR-certified Search and Rescue Program to come online through the same local government that will draw from the CERT rank and file. I pend every minute I can outdoors and learned in my old age wisdom that sunglasses have to be a part of your outfit. I simply have bad eyesight and a need to see clearly while being very active. I can wear contacts and sunglasses but I also wanted the option of not wearing contacts and being outside. I did a lot of research and found that the motorcycle-style combo goggles/sunglasses would fit my lifestyle. After a lot of research I narrowed my field to Bobster and Wiley-X. I have some bad vision and had to choose from very few providers who can make coke-bottle-bottom thick lenses, your mileage may vary. OpticsPlanet did an excellent job of helping me with that research, both online and by email support. I chose the Wiley-X SG1 platform because of the full-goggle type of protection one can get with a wrapped frame. The frame itself is feather-lite but very durable. It is made from a polymer or plastic that means if you accidentally sit on them or other bad things, they take the punishment with warping or bending. The temple pieces of the sunglasses hold together, after two years of switching from goggle-style to sunglass-style everything fits tight. I wear the sunglasses while driving and interacting, and I wear the g... Read More...

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Augustus - Add Reply

Bought a pair to use while riding my bike, The overall fit of these lenses is good, however the lenses still fog up a bit even with the groves on the gasket that are intended to prevent fogging. The lenses do seem to scratch very easily so be careful. Overall they meet there intended use.

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Monty - Add Reply

I bought two lens sets for riding my Harley. One set is the red tinted lens for riding during daylight/sunny days, and the other for riding in the early morning on my way to work or at night. Both sets are great for their intended purpose, however the red tinted sunglass lens have a funny color cast to them. They are a mix of grey and brown, not a deal breaker for me but it did take some getting used to. No problem with either set of lenses at all. However, I put a rush shipping on my order and due to a problem with their system it didn't put it on. I called customer support two days before my order was due at my house because it was still showing being processed and they quickly corrected the problem and I got my order on time. It was unexpectedly nerve racking because I needed them before a bike rally in Panama City beach but all is good. I wished I would have ordered a set of clear lenses too but that is on me and definitely a future order. Couldn't be happier with both the product and the customer service. Thanks optics planet.

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