[Review] Wiley X WX Valor CHVAL Prescription RX Sunglasses Pros

Wiley X WX Valor Changeable Single Vision Rx Sunglasses are a versatile, sleek pair of active sunglasses that can be modified to suit any situation. The changeable lens capability of these Wiley X Rx Sun-Glasses allows maximum light condition versatility. All lenses of these Rx Sun Glasses from Wiley-X are shatterproof for all-purpose durability. The Wiley X WX Valor Interchangeable Lens Sun Glasses w/ Single Vision Prescription Lenses are durable, too, certified to ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact and optical performance standards. Wiley X has designed the Valor Sunglasses to stand up to impact and ballistics, so well that they are rated as OSHA-grade occupational protective eyewear. For a flexible, comfortable pair of sport sunglasses, choose the dynamic power of the Wiley-X WX Valor Shatterproof Changeable Prescription Single Vision Lens Shades.

92.5 /100
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  • Performance


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Specifications for Wiley X Valor WX Sunglasses - Single Vision Rx:

Frame Height: 65.5mm
Distance Between Lenses: 18mm
Frame Width: 120mm
Fit: Small, Medium, Large
Photochromic: No
Included Accessories: Medium black zippered case, cleaning cloth

Features of Wiley-X WX Prescription Single Vision Lens Sunglasses for Men - Valor:

  • Changeable lens capability allows maximum light condition versatility
  • Shatterproof lenses block 100% of UV rays
  • Certified to ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact and optical performance standards
  • Rated as OSHA-grade occupational protective eyewear
  • Fits small, medium, and large head shapes

1-Wiley X WX Valor CHVAL Prescription RX Sunglasses
2-Wiley X WX Valor CHVAL Prescription RX Sunglasses

  • PROS
  • Looks good
  • budget friendly
  • Military grade durable
  • scratch resistant
  • Great quality materials and workmanship
  • Awesome website & product
  • Cost, Looks
  • Very good quality
  • Competetively priced
  • CONS
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Elbert - Add Reply

I bought my RX valors after going through other RX insert solutions, by ESS and Julbo. I'm an infantry marine, so I need a good solution. Rx inserts are too bulky, fragile. Also, it's normal for the insert to touch your eyebrow, then you get a waterfall of sweat through the lens. No go. The WileyX RX solution is on the budget side, however I got a 101% solution to the issue. They are very rugged, with excellent coverage. They are not exacty MIL, because the RX insert is kind of glued into the regular lens, so it's unrated because every prescription rx lens is slightly different. But it is Z87-2 rated so in practice it's the same. I went with the Gradient Gray lens tint, which is darker on top and clearer on the bottom, so you can, for example, drive with a good glare protection, and they are still clear enough to look down and see your instruments. Very comfortable, even in the long run. temples are thin for compatibility with helmet and ear protection. Also, hard to scratch. I totally forgot about eye surgery after these glasses, my vision is not a problem anymore. I've been using and abusing them for two years, including one 1 year deployment, unnumbered field ops, everyday use and some treks around. It still has very few and small scratches. Only real damage is the rubber on the temple frame tips which is gone by now, probably of the friction of putting them on and off everyday. They also look good!! excellent job by Wiley X guys.

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Isaac - Add Reply

This is my second pair of prescription Wiley X sunglasses from OP. Both pairs are excellent quality and were priced right. However, this time I purchased the light adjusting lenses hoping I could get by with one pair of glasses all day. Indoors they are clear enough, but outside in direct sunlight they don't get as dark as my other pair. I left them outside in direct sunlight for an hour and they didn't darken hardly at all. I think I will just have to break down and get a new set of lenses for an otherwise great frame. Pros: Nice fit, good construction Cons: Should have skipped the light adjusting lenses

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Norberto - Add Reply

As advertised. Very good quality and right on with prescription. Excellent price and will last a long time. Have used the glasses on the golf course and have received many compliments. The glasses work well on the water when fishing and boating. Wiley glasses are know for quality and they deliver.

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Colin - Add Reply

I had high hopes for these and eagerly waited for them to get here. Once they did however, I wasn't really happy with the quality of Wiley-X's lenses. The sunglasses I've been wearing are a pair of Oakley's that are very light with much thinner lenses. I expected similar results, but my lenses came in much heavier and thicker than my Oakley pair. My prescription barely changed so I know I can't be off by that much. Also, the temples going back towards the ear seemed less "grippy" than I thought they would be so they slide a bit more. They are just "OK" to me, nothing real special

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Darrion - Add Reply

Great option for those with stronger prescriptions that can't be accommodated by other (big O) eyewear brands. Functional, stylish, clear, and nice polarized qualities. I especially like the thick, impact-resistant qualities of these glasses and feel more protected wearing them at the range than my Oakleys. Not as dark as black iridium lenses by Oakley, but my sensitive eyes were never strained while wearing them.

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Arlo - Add Reply

I ordered these to replace an ESS pair of prescription eyepro that I managed to lose on a return trip from Texas. I received them in the mail right on schedule. I love the fir and the lenses are thick and perfect.

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Arlo - Add Reply

Good product for the price.

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Chelsey - Add Reply

love these glasses. i bought one pair originally,and was so glad i made chose the style w/out the bottom rim. these don't fog up even in very hot weather. just bought another pair for my boss and he loves them. i think he even wears them to bed. the safety of these glasses is even better. from chainsawing to metal working to tactical patrol work, these are very well designed safety glasses. five stars

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Lawrence - Add Reply

Glasses came in about two weeks like promised. They are AWESOME. They look great. The prescription is right on, I can see great with these glasses. This is the second pair I have ordered from Optics Planet and both pair were excellent. Thank You, Optics Planet.

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Allan - Add Reply

I bought these prescription glasses primarily for driving in my vehicle but I have also used them for cycling. Frames are lightweight and the clarity and depth perception with a recent lens prescription is nothing less than amazing. Granted, I had to wait nearly a month to get the product, but I must say these glasses were worth waiting on. No complaints whatsoever. Great product.

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Sim - Add Reply

These are great glasses. I have had them about a week now but so far so good!!! I'm trying to get my Flex card to pay for these due to the glasses being prescription glasses. But if they don't then I still have a great pair of eye ware!

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Darius - Add Reply

These are the best prescription lens sunglasses I have owned. Crisp, clear, wide field of vision. I bought the WX digital lenses in smoke green as I wanted the darkest possible for use in snow and ice conditions and these perform well.

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Daryl - Add Reply

First of all, these sunglasses are the 4th pair that I've ordered here. Sometimes in a rush, sometimes I'll wait several weeks out of stubbornness. I was attracted to this particular pair because of two things - the price was half what my other prescription frames had been, and the head measurement was wider than my previous pairs as well. Note, I have a huge head. After getting the glasses I got several compliments on the look of them - they are really slick. I'm thinking of ordering another pair now just in case I lose these, run them over, whatever happens. My only complaint is that when I take them off I can feel how they were pinching my head - I think the other pair had more padding on the arms, these don't really have that. Though they are wider and maybe will just stretch to accomodate my head, I think a slightly softer padding on these would move them up to a 5-star rating for me.

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Angelo - Add Reply

Great product.

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Kiley - Add Reply

Glasses fit well, prescription appears to be correct. I get wrap around coverage and can see clearly no matter where I look thru the lens. This is the second pair ordered (first were yellow shooting glasses). I would not hesitate to purchase another pair.

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