[Review] Wiley X Slay RX Prescription Sunglasses - Active Series Pros

Wiley X Slay Prescription Sunglasses are available with customized prescription lenses. Just enter your eyeglasses prescription information below, and our eyewear labs will custom fit RX lenses and install them in a brand-new pair of WileyX Slay Sunglasses! Don't compromise your vision - there is no substitute for Wiley-X sunglasses, the top-selling prescription tactical goggles / sunglasses online!

Wiley X Slay Sunglasses feature a sleek design, with a secure fit created by a rubber nose-bridge and rubber temple gloves. These Wiley-X Sunglasses are part of the Wiley X Active Series, a family of sports sunglasses that's perfect or high sweat, high motion activities. Wiley-X recognizes that all the protection in the world won't help if you don't wear it, so they gave the Wiley X Slay Glasses a fashion-forward frame design that goes from the field to the street without missing a beat.

Wiley-X gives you great quality and great looks in every pair of sunglasses. The same technologies that have made Wiley X Sunglasses a favorite of America's fighting forces in the field now help protect America's fishermen and hunters too. Wiley X is the only premium performance sunglasses company whose full line meets the ANSI Z87.1-2003 certification for safety. This means they aren't just good looking shades, they provide the industry's most amazing looks with OSHA-grade occupational eye protection. Wiley X glasses are able to withstand 20 .25 caliber pellets fired at 150 FPS and a 1.1 lb. projectile dropped from 50". Wiley-X Sunglasses provide ultimate protection against ejected brass, ricocheting shot, errant jigs or anything in the air while ripping across the water in a boat. The ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact certification qualifies all Wiley X eyewear as OSHA Occupational Eye Protection. We sell a full selection of WileyX military and tactical gear, including Wiley X Sunglasses and Wiley X Goggles. All the tactical eyewear in our store is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

96 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Wiley-X Slay RX Sports Sunglasses:

Standards and regulations: Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003+ High Velocity Safety Standards, ANSI Z87.1+ High Mass Impact standards

Features of WileyX Slay Outdoor Prescription Sunglasses:

  • Custom sunglasses fitted with your prescription
  • Fashion-forward design
  • Exceeds ANSI z87.1-2003 high velocity standard

1-Wiley X Slay RX Prescription Sunglasses - Active Series
2-Wiley X Slay RX Prescription Sunglasses - Active Series

  • PROS
  • Good fit
  • great quality product
  • Sturdy, securely closing (zippered) case
  • Safety and Fashion glasses
  • CONS
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Houston - Add Reply

By far the BEST Prescription Sunglasses I've purchased for the price. I have worn glassed that costed twice as much, but these meet or exceed the more expensive brands by far. Pros: Fit Great, Full Coverage Cons: None

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Ellis - Add Reply

What a cool thing to spend your money on. Adds value to quality of life

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Trent - Add Reply

I wish that I would not have waited so long. The customer service was outstanding. They arrived early. They were exactly what I ordered. It could not have been a better experience. Pros: Comfortable, Light, Affordable Cons: None

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Kristopher - Add Reply

Ordered w/brown polarized fully expecting the three week advertised production time...Wearing them in 11 days and they're great! Pros: Better than described Cons: None

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Cyril - Add Reply

Received just yesterday, these glasses were awesomely exempted from import taxes in Ontario, Canada! The glasses were well packaged and come standard with an awesome cord which is less cumbersome and more functional than the Wiley-X Leash Cord, Black EH-492-1 which I purchased at the same time. So standard contents in the Wiley X Slay box are: 1) Awesome zippered case 2) Microfibre cloth 3) Leash cord 4) Wiley x Sticker 5) User Manual Rx curved lenses are likely the source of any negativity I have about the glasses so far. Others have noted issues with depth of vision and I'd echo those comments a little. This is a larger lens than I am used to and likely I will need to transition to using them over a period of time, giving eyes sufficient rest in between uses. I'm confident that I will transition to using them successfully. Love the look, they're a great fit for safety (flying objects), Optical Team at Optics Planet were awesome in responses and advice - thanks guys!

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Reagan - Add Reply

Great Purchase! I am very pleased with these glasses. Fit is Great. Vision is excellent. I would recommend these prescription sunglasses to anyone. Optics Planet is great to order from. They deliver the correct product and on time.

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Melvina - Add Reply

Easy and faster than advertised! Pros: Fast & Effecient Cons: None

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