[Review] Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster Pros

Our Nano IWB holster is one of our most popular concealment holsters. It is ultra-thin, being constructed of the same tough materials we use on all our Classic handmade, custom and semi-custom holsters. It is made from our thinner .080 material, resulting in a narrower more comfortable and concealable holster with a very minimal print signature. The "Pull the Dot" snap IWB belt loops are adjustable for FBI Cant and Straight drop carry and can be adjusted for belts from 1 1/4" to 1 3/4". On the Nano we have eliminated the second tension screw reducing the Nano's side profile while still keeping our tension adjustment feature. The Nano will not collapse making re-holstering sure and easy. It features a full length sweat guard to prevent pistol to body contact while still providing a full combat grip. The Nano is another great choice for concealed carry over long periods of time.

94.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Blade Tech Nano IWB Holster:

  • Dual IWB loops with secure "Pull the Dot" snaps that are situated a wider distance apart for increased stability, especially when situated over a belt loop. The snap feature also allows for convenient and easy on and off
  • IWB loops adjustable for FBI Cant or Straight Drop carry as well as for belts from 1.25 to 1.75 inches
  • Made of thinner .080 material that is contoured for comfort to reduce hot spots when carried over long periods of time.
  • Will not collapse, making sightless (low light) re-holstering quick and easy.

1-Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster
2-Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster
3-Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster
4-Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster
5-Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster
6-Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster
7-Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster
8-Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster
9-Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster
10-Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster

  • PROS
  • reasonable price
  • Great Function
  • Gun hold
  • Flexible configuration
  • multiple position
  • CONS
  • somewhat uncomfortable
  • Hold clips

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Arvid - Add Reply

I have carried regularly since 1984 and have used Blade-Tech holsters for several years for my auto pistols. Always does the job, good fit with no wear/breakage issues ever. Now I sometimes carry S&W 640 (.357 Mag, J-Frame revolver). I have found no other holsters is as concealable, as comfortable, or as quick as the Nano for daily IWB wear with this pistol. I offer my best recommendation for this gear in this application.

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Alex - Add Reply

I was looking for something small, light, and rigid with snaps instead of clips. Nano doesn't disappoint. With 2 adjustable loops you can set it with our without a cant. It can work with most belt and you just trim the extra if you won't be using bigger belts. So far I find it comfortable enough I forget I'm wearing it.

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Bradly - Add Reply

This is my 5th Blade Tech Holster, and each and every one has been top quality - fit, finish, form and function wise. I will never even consider another brand of Kydex material holsters as long as Blade Tech is producing consistent winners. Get a Blade Tech - you won't be disappointed,

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Kennedy - Add Reply

I like the fit of the holster as far as how it holds the gun. The only thing I don't like is the belt loop holds. I'd rather it be the metal clip style for the reason of removal from my person. It's slightly uncomfortable as far as how it sits in any position it put it on my belt. All in all good holster just need some getting use to.

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Adolfo - Add Reply

Good IWB concealed carry holster because it stays open after draw for re-holstering. Light weight and very concealable. Has belt loops that allow rotational adjustment of loop position for riding in a vehicle and bending over with out jabbing into one's side.

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