[Review] Soft Armor ITP Holster, Nylon Pros

Soft Armor ITP Holster, Nylon is only constructed from the best grade of materials. Designed to fit small Semi Auto handguns, which include Taurus Pt22, AMT .380, and Jennings .22, Soft Armor Ambidextrous Inside-the-Pants Holster also features a softly swept nylon lining. Soft Armor Holsters, top-quality gear that's built to last!

93.5 /100
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Specifications for Soft Armor ITP Holster, Nylon:

Weight: 0.3 lb.
Height: 1.5 in.
Width: 6 in.

Features of Soft Armor Ambidextrous Inside-the-Pants Holster:

  • Metal Spring Clip

1-Soft Armor ITP Holster, Nylon

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  • price, was on sale
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Jan - Add Reply

I recently picked this up for my 9c to try it out. 4th times a charm I guess, as this is comfortable to wear in, or outside the belt. Snug fit for the gun, doesn't slide around inside the holster, and strong clip to hold it onto your belt.

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Dalton - Add Reply

This is a nice holster for a small firearm. Our Sig P238s fit very nicely... snug enough to feel secure but easy to draw. I would recommend this holster if you want a small, convenient method of carrying a P238.

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Taurean - Add Reply

Fits lower in the waistband than most ITP's. It is comfortable and seems to be durable. This holster is better than what I can find locally and the price was good as well. The tricky part was that with it sitting low you had to find a place on your waistband where it was comfortable.

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