[Review] Soft Armor Ambi, Hip Holster, Nylon Pros

Constructed from premium fibers, Soft Armor Ambi, Hip Holster, Nylon is a hip holster with ambidextrous gun retrieval. This Gun Holsters includes a slew of features which include a webbing sight guide that is sewn onto the holster, sash circles, and thumb-break straps. In addition, Soft Armor Ambidextrous Holster has been broken up into four individual series - the TB, CS, SC, and R Holster Series. The TB Series include the most favored hip holsters from Soft Armor. This particular series' holsters features a delicately swept nylon lining, and perfectly holds the Small .32 and .380 Semi-Autos - which include the Sig Sauer P232, and the Taurus Millenium 2.5 in. Soft Armor Nylon Hip Holster, for the CS Series, includes a molded thumb break retention; sewn on belt loops, sewn-in webbing sight guide, and a metal spring clip. Gun fits for the CS Series are small Semi Auto handguns such as the Taurus Pt22, AMT .380, and Jennings .22. The SC Series also comes with a molded thumb break retention, metal spring clip, sewn on belt loops, sewn-in webbing sight guide, and the added feature of an attached magazine pouch. The SC Series fits small Semi Auto handguns, which include the Taurus Pt22, AMT .380, and Jennings .22. And last, but not least, the R Series is a basic hip holster featuring a hook and loop retention strap as well as sewn-on belt loops. This series also fits small Semi Auto handguns like the Taurus Pt22, AMT .380, and Jennings .22. Soft Armor Holsters, the creator of high-tech tactical gear and accessories.

90.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Soft Armor Ambidextrous Holster:

  • Thumb Break Retention Straps
  • Sewn-in Belt Loops
  • Molded Thumb Break
  • Metal Spring Clip
  • Hook and Loop Retention Strap

1-Soft Armor Ambi, Hip Holster, Nylon
2-Soft Armor Ambi, Hip Holster, Nylon
3-Soft Armor Ambi, Hip Holster, Nylon
4-Soft Armor Ambi, Hip Holster, Nylon

  • PROS
  • Adjustable Retention Strap
  • Integral Magazine Pouch
  • CONS
  • Velcro strap
  • Limited Utility
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Sofia - Add Reply

Just received the Ambi hip holster. It is very well made and holds my Taurus judge perfect. The judge fits nice and tight but draws easily. The only thing I don't like is the Velcro strap. But I would highly recommend this to anyone.

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Humberto - Add Reply

I tend to use Soft Armor holsters when I wand to place a handgun in a drawer, nightstand, or vehicle console. They keep the handgun secure and protected in those environments, store an extra magazine integral to themselves, and proved an easy to use and intuitive thumb-break for when I want to use it. I like soft, padded nylon in those environments as it does not retain the handgun as tightly as kydex would (which makes one-handed manipulation easier with the nylon) and does not carry the risks of corrosion that leather can. Having said that, I do prefer kydex and leather for other uses (IWB, OWB, duty, etc.), but these definitely have their place and are among the better made inexpensive padded nylon holsters on the market. My 5-star rating is based on my particular use of these holsters and not as an all-around rating. One feature that I particularly like is the adjustable retention strap, which allows me to obtain a much better handgun fit than on brands that have a fixed or less adjustable strap.

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