[Review] Strike Industries Strike Latchless Charging Handle Pros

Price Save Up to 27% from $39.99 to $32.95

The Strike Industries Strike Latchless Charging Handle is designed to keep your weapon in proper condition through its robust construction and ergonomic design. Strike Industries forged these AR15 Upper Parts from 7075 aluminum for a strong build that's lightweight. This Strike Industries Strike Latchless Ambi Charging Handle is crafted with efficient side gas venting to properly dispel gas, and the snag-free design won't get caught on loose clothing or gear while you move to your next objective. Beyond an unobtrusive build, these handles will provide many years of reliable use compared to the competition. Install an ambidextrous Strike Industries Strike Latchless AR-15 Charging Handle to improve the capabilities of your weapon.

94.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Strike Industries Strike Latchless Charging Handle:

Fabric/Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
Gun Model: AR-15

Features of:

  • Net Weight - 0.9 oz
  • Improved service life over competing designs.
  • Ambidextrous architecture.
  • Simple, sleek, snag free design.
  • High-efficiency Gas Vents.
  • 7075 Forged Aluminum Construction.
  • Modular Extended Latch options coming soon.
  • Enlarged, extended and textured grasping surface for easy and consistent CH manipulations under a variety of conditions.
  • Interchangeable on either side.
  • Available in a variety of color lines.
  • Enhances Operation of Strike latchless Charging Handles
  • Aluminum Construction for durability and minimal added weight
  • Included Screw for a secure fit.
  • WARNING: For standard mil-spec AR15 only. Not rated for suppressors and /or full auto fire. Not for use on SBRs or pistol length barrels (

1-Strike Industries Strike Latchless Charging Handle
2-Strike Industries Strike Latchless Charging Handle
3-Strike Industries Strike Latchless Charging Handle
4-Strike Industries Strike Latchless Charging Handle
5-Strike Industries Strike Latchless Charging Handle
6-Strike Industries Strike Latchless Charging Handle
7-Strike Industries Strike Latchless Charging Handle

  • PROS
  • Quality fit and finish
  • functions very well
  • extension upgrade available
  • Price, ergonomic
  • Latchess ambidextrous
  • No latch, made well
  • Eliminates wear marks and need for ambi CH.
  • simple, minimalist design
  • Latchless feature, can add iso-tabs and the price
  • Light weight, smooth opperation
  • Built tough with nice anodized blue finish
  • light weight
  • No moving parts
  • nice color options
  • no external parts
  • See reviews
  • drops in, much better function than stock
  • Fit & finish
  • Cost and design
  • Easy to install great quality and looks awesome and overall great performer.
  • Works great
  • Great price great reliability unique design
  • Looks great. Works great. Does exactly what it is designed to do
  • Proper function
  • proper fit
  • Excellent Fitment
  • Better than stock
  • Naturally ambidextrous
  • Stands up to abuse
  • CONS
  • slightly narrow
  • Needs extension
  • Width of latchless design
  • ISO tabs sold separate
  • freely moves while in the latched position
  • Get strike industries extended latch to enhance for better performance, only $9 on the strike industries website.
  • undersized grab handle
  • costly extensions (optional)
  • Small ears, hard to grab
  • expensive - but worth it
  • Don't like having to buy the iso tabs, but they are worth it to me...I have fat fingers
  • To be seen
  • I didn't do this sooner
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Cedrick - Add Reply

This is a very nice handle. I like the fact that it latches on the inside and locks very well into the upper. The handle is a little narrow, but attaching the extensions makes it very usable. I had no issues with fit or function.

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Milton - Add Reply

I love this thing so far. I bought it because I shoot left handed. I do recommend the extension for the right side if you are a southpaw. Time will tell if it stands up to use.

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Mekhi - Add Reply

Great for ambidextrous or left handed people. Locks down tight with no rattling, easy pull when grabbed with two fingers. The grasping point of the handle is ergonomically sound and not large like other ambidextrous handles. Performs better than I expected.

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Herman - Add Reply

This is really handy for anyone that doesn’t want to go with a bully ambidextrous handle or who may have a scope that sits back above the handle. It still has a really good retention. Nice and lightweight.

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Brendan - Add Reply

Strike industries latchless charging handle was a steal great price and seem to be great quality operation is smooth and it's pretty light . No complaints on my end if especially considering I am left handed and most ambidextrous charging handles are priced outrageously it fit the bill . If I had a con it would be if the latchless handle was a tad bit wider but besides that I love it . Strike industries keep doing what you're doing .

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Rosario - Add Reply

Light weight, accurate fit and good operation. In the hand it seems every bit as sturdy as the standard mil spec handle it replaces, but in actual use it feels tortionally weaker, especially when charging single handed. Good for hobbyist, but I’m not sure how it would hold up in combat though. I like it though.

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Casimer - Add Reply

Made well and works great. I highly recommend getting the iso-tab for it. It made a big difference and made it much easier to get a hold of. Seems to be top quality like all of strike industries stuff. I put loctite on the screw in the iso-tab just to make sure it didnt back out.

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Cristopher - Add Reply

If your as picky as I am this is the product for you works the same as any other CH without the scratch that the older styles leave on the left side of upper as the catch engages into the upper when you release the bolt which we all love to do for effect. Even those who push the CH back in to avoid this from happening still have to squeeze the handle to avoid the catch scrapping the upper. This product eliminates that. Highly recommended for those who like to keep items looking new. If your not picky and don’t mind wear marks this may not be for you but regardless of what user you are there is no latch to disengage regardless of what type of owner you are so no expensive ambi CH it doesn’t need it the way this is made eliminates it. Great product!!

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Andres - Add Reply

This is a great addon for any AR rifle, they're light-weight, strong, yet simple and effective. I bought one for my AR pistol, and once I installed it I ordered another one for my rifle because they're that good. I dropped a star because they don't have the option to buy both the charging handle + ISO tabs as a kit (finding the ISO tabs can be hard, and some of the wait times are 2+ months out). Just to note, while the price for the handle isn't bad, once you buy the ISO tab(s) @ $12 each, it's more like $60 for a complete set; so something to keep in mind. A simple yet effective new design that allows for lefties/single-handed charging.

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German - Add Reply

A quality piece, but nothing is snug enough to stop it from rattling. A normal lever has at least some spring pressure on the latch to stop movement. This one will move freely, and is noisy when handling the gun.

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Brice - Add Reply

Love the latchless feature and it's very smooth in operation! Iso tabs are a must to have added on this though. Anybody that says this isn't smooth in operation doesn't know what they're talking about and probably has some other issue going on other than the charging handle. I've owned most of the big brands, radian raptor, bcm, battle arms just to name a few and this one is my favorite. Once you try the latchless handle you cant hardly use anything but that. I have 3 of them.

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Fern - Add Reply

I like strike industries products so when I saw this latch less charging handle I knew I had to check it out. So far I like it, may wanna get the extended handle adapter from strike industries to match the handle. Built very robust and high quality anodized finish. Definetly recomend this for a quality budget build.

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Orin - Add Reply

This charging handle uses no external parts, but instead an internal spring. It functions just fine and if the old saying is true, the less parts the better, then this charging handle should serve you well. My only beef with this part is that the handle is undersized. So if you are use to a larger handle to grab from your other weapons, this might through you off a bit.

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Hayley - Add Reply

Precision construction.Light weight. Very functional. Bulletproof. Looks pretty d#mn good also. Super value. I like the lack of moving parts. Locks in flawlessly. The gas vent is a bonus. The best charging handle for the money.

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Deontae - Add Reply

These hold in place with a springy latch inside the upper rather than an external latch that you have to positively grab to release. Just pull and the handle slides back. Great for ambi and all-round use. I'm not really a fan of the cutouts that are supposed to vent gas when using suppressed. Also, it sucks that latch extensions cost (a lot) extra to give another 3/4" or so on either side to make a one-sided grip easier. I'm a lefty and I love it to death. It confused the heck out of my grunt ex-mil buddies until they tried it and now they love it, too.

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Damien - Add Reply

This is perfect for us lefties in the competition World who want to shave some time off our scores. It takes the thinking/reaching out of the equation, and when you're on the clock, every little bit helps. I've now put these on all my competition rifles, as well as my regular ones. Optics Planet had the lowest price on the internet, at least that I came across.

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Milo - Add Reply

This is one of those items that has been on my wish list for a while. I wanted to use this for a build I've been piecing together part by part. It steps away from the conventional charging handle without complicating the design and actually REMOVES moving parts (unlike most upgrades). So far it's worked flawlessly, and I don't see that changing anytime soon!

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Joseph - Add Reply

Nice handle, the only negative is that the ears are a bit too small, they make extensions, but they should be larger anyway. The color is great, but does not match some colors of other brand parts, so be aware of that. Good product that does work very well.

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Seamus - Add Reply

Love it and love that there are options for longer tabs on it. The design is unique snaps on good and doesn’t require much pull to rack but stays put well. Sleek with the options to ad extended tabs is awesome. I always like SI products always innovative and stylish.

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Monroe - Add Reply

A very elegant design for making a charging handle ambidextrous without adding mechanical complexity. Working well so far. The one area of concern is the amount of metal in the handle body where the cutouts for the springs are. These could be reinforced.

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Joseph - Add Reply

They are the only charging handles I use on my AR’s. I initially purchased one for a new build I was doing and liked it so much I replaced all my old charging handles and only use the Spikes Latcheless on my new builds. If they made one for .308 I would be interested in it too.

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Tod - Add Reply

Great product good price just what needed to set off my AR it was exactly what I was expecting went along with the other items I bought for it. It's very good quality light weight and great color. I am left handed and the fact that it is latchless makes it great for me.

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Reynold - Add Reply

If I could rate this higher I would? Already have one installed and ordered this one to go on another build because I love the first one so much! Go ahead and get the iso tabs...they really make this charging handle a joy to use.

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Bartholome - Add Reply

Works as described, would definitely use on another build. I also added the Strike Industries ISO-Tabs to both sides and it works even better. Strike Industries makes great products and I will continue to use them on almost all of my builds.

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Torrance - Add Reply

I like that this is not an average charging handle, but is priced as one. What I like most about this one compared to others is that there are less moving parts that can fail. I have not shot with it yet, but I don’t expect this affect the performance of the rifle as much as my ability to grasp the charging handle better. If I remember, I’ll follow up on this review after some time since the only thing to really look for is the longevity of this after some abuse.

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Llewellyn - Add Reply

Great deal on charging handle. Definite upgrade from the mil spec version. Adds a little custom look but performance is the real benefit. No issues with fitment or function. Very happy with purchase and would recommend to anyone else.

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Griffin - Add Reply

This item is great! Exactly what I was looking for. It’s smooth and feels good. I will probably one of these for my other rifles. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an upgrade to their charging handle.

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George - Add Reply

I didn't know I needed this thing until I got it on my rifle. Not having to worry about grabbing the release is a forking godsend. Where was this thing when I was in the service? The ability to grip and rip from either side makes this thing well worth the money.

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