[Review] Lyman Mag 20 Electric Furnace Pros

Lyman Mag 20 Electric Furnace on sale and available from our online store. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Lyman Gunsmith and Reloading Equipment. A 20 lb casting furnace with all the features casters look for.

Full 20 lb. capacity is ideal for all casting needs. Features easy- to-use bottom pour valve system and adjustable mould guide for single or multiple cavity mould use. Even has special warming shelf for pre-heating blocks.Powerful 800 watt heating system minimizes "spout freeze", melts cold metal in 20 minutes and brings replenished metal up to temperature quickly. Allows easy use by ladle casters. Durable industrial grade thermostat with indicator light provides accurate repeatability and controlled temperature. 115 V.

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97 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


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Gay - Add Reply

My Lyman Mag 20 furnace melted lead OK but had trouble with spout freeze, had to use a propane torch lightly on the spout to thaw it often. Checked it with a casting thermometer and the lead temerature was too low even when set at the top end the scale 9 or 10. Found there is a temp adjustment if the knob is pulled, there is a fine temperature adjustment screw inside the shaft. Used a jewelers screwdriver, turned the screw slightly counterclockwise. Raised the tempererature so the knob set at 7 reached near 700 degrees. The spout freeze problem quit. Pros: Holds up to 20 lbs of lead Cons: Temperature adjustment was off but can be set without return

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Jason - Add Reply

Add was titled "Lyman Mag 20 Furnace" - description said "new" - only at the bottom of add does it say that it is an accessory you are bidding on. Pros: none Cons: Add deceptive

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